SEGA registers the name Sega NFT •

Sega Classics NFT Collection was also registered.

This beginning of 2022 promises to be marked by NFTs and among the companies that are moving the most in this sector is SEGA, which has registered some names related to its future projects.

Despite saying that it would handle this new technology carefully, especially as it doesn’t want to be seen as a company that’s just looking for money and won’t go ahead with plans if fans don’t like it, SEGA has registered names like Sega NFT that suggest it’s this is the term you will use for your new efforts.

In April 2021, SEGA announced that teamed up with Japan’s Double Jump Tokyo to sell visual art, game images and background music based on your properties in the form of NFT. It is something he spoke of with high enthusiasm to investors in November 2021.

Now, the latest move has been to submit the registration of names like Sega Classics NFT Collection and Sega NFT to the Japanese authorities so they can start moving forward with their plans and present their digital items.

the logos registered by Sega.

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