Silvio Santos gets angry with Darlisson Dutra and promotes his darlings

It only lasted one week for Darlisson Dutra to pass at midday. By a direct determination of Silvio Santos, the journalist was removed from the command of SBT Notícias, which will now have the presentation of Dudu Camargo and Marcão do Povo in this Monday’s edition (17). The duo, however, will not leave the command of the morning Primeira Impacto and will have to reconcile the two newscasts indefinitely – that is, until the next fetched phone call from the owner of the station.

The information of Darlisson Dutra’s removal was reported first hand by the website Notícias da TV and confirmed by the Pop TV with sources on SBT. The report found that the businessman was not happy to learn that Patricia Abravanel’s protege was using his name without authorization. In Tuesday’s edition of the newscast, Dutra said live that the news had been increased by five minutes in length due to an order from Silvio Santos. He, however, had no part in this, and the journalist had already finished at 2:20 pm on its debut.

After his lightning break through lunch, the journalist — who went viral on the internet over critical comments about his performance on the show — will have a week of forced vacation. He will return to the Primeira Impacto team as of January 24, in the same time slot in which he commanded the morning until the end of last year, between 5:50 am and 7:20 am. At that time, however, he also had visibility on the Vem Pra Cá news block, which ended up being transformed into an afternoon program, without the presence of the news of the day.

SBT Notícias, in turn, will undergo a profound reformulation. Silvio Santos also determined that the news should start investing in curious content and in the police department, disregarding the propositional guidelines that dominated the first week of the format. For now, the schedule of the news will remain the same: it will continue to air from 12:00 to 14:20, with most of its transmission exclusively for Greater São Paulo.

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