Smiles or iupp – What’s the best promotion to buy the new Galaxy S21 FE 5G?

Smiles or iupp - What's the best promotion to buy the new Galaxy S21 FE 5G?

In addition to the iupp, as we have published here, Smiles also has a promotion that offers customers up to 12 miles per real spent on the purchase of the new Galaxy S21 FE 5G. But, what is the best promotion to buy the device?

First, let’s check out each of the promotions and then make some considerations about which promotion is better.

iupp promotion

In the iupp action, customers accumulate 10 points per real spent and as the device costs from R$ 4,499.00, the accumulation of points is 44,990.

If we consider a transfer promotion with a bonus of up to 100%, the total score rises to 89,980 points in the chosen air program.

For our full review of the promotion, click here.

Smiles Promotion

In the Smiles campaign, the accumulation of points is structured as follows:

  • 12 miles – Diamond Customers and Smiles Club
  • 06 miles – Smiles Customers

For our analysis, we will assume that the customer will have access to the highest score.

As you can see below, the price of the device is exactly the same as that charged on the iupp website and the buyer also gets a Galaxy Buds2.

As the device costs R$4,499, the maximum accrual of miles is 53,988. Assuming a cost of BRL 21 per thousand, we have BRL 1,134 in points, which represents a 25% discount.

Click on this link to access the Smiles page and obtain more information about the promotion that runs until January 16th, or while stocks last.

Take note

As the value of the device is the same in both campaigns, the total accumulation of points is the best parameter to decide for one campaign or another.

In general, iupp promotion is better and should be your first shopping option, because:

  • It is possible to accumulate more points at iupp than at Smiles due to the chance of making a bonus transfer.
  • iupp offers the customer the flexibility to transfer points to TudoAzul, TAP Miles&Go, LATAM Pass or Smiles itself.
  • Due to the amount of points that can be accumulated, the discount on the value of the product is greater, reaching 42%, against 25% in the case of Smiles.

Note that:

Although we are using a 100% bonus points transfer in our example, there is no guarantee that promotions like this will happen again.

Anyone can register with iupp, and it is not necessary to be an account holder at Banco Itaú.

What did you think of the iupp and Smiles promotions for the purchase of the Galaxy S21 FE 5G?

Heads up

  • Compare prices both with the regular website of the provider of the service or product you are purchasing, and with competitors.
  • Make a print screen of all the steps of the purchase, because if you have any problem with crediting the points, you will be able to demonstrate that you used the promotion hotsite.
  • The promotion is good, but it may not be good for you. Think about it!
  • Accumulating points for accumulating is not a good strategy. You should have a clearly defined goal and earn points to reach that goal.
  • Saving points is bad business. They may be devalued at any time or the program may change the accrual and spend rules without notice.
  • The best strategy is “earn and burn” or accumulate and burn.

To know more

In this link you will find other promotions to accumulate points.

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