SpaceX sends Brazilian satellite Pion-BR1 into space

This Thursday (13th), the SpaceX launched several orders into space in another Falcon 9 rocket flight. mission transporter 3 sent small satellites from several customers around the world and, among them, the Brazilian startup PION Labs.

PION Labs developed the Pion-BR1 in just seven months, a pocketcube nanosatellite measuring just 125 cubic cm and weighing 200 grams — the cost was BRL 500,000. The small satellite will transmit a signal from space capable of being picked up by radiators on Earth.

The Transporter-3 mission launched at 12:25 pm (Brasilia time), at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida. The launch of the Pion-BR1 was carried out in partnership with the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), the Brazilian Satellite Olympiad, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (OBSAT), Amsta-BR, the Latin American Space Challenge (LASC) and Brazilian League of Radio Amateurs (Labre).

The first Brazilian satellite was sent in February 2021 from the Sriharikota Launch Center in IndiaThe first Brazilian satellite was sent in February 2021 from the Sriharikota Launch Center in IndiaSource: Unsplash

Pion constellation

“It’s a great achievement for Brazilian science,” said one of the engineers working on the project, Calvin Trubiene, to Brazil Agency. After sending the first satellite, the idea is to enable a constellation of Brazilian satellites — Pion-BR1, or Pionzinho as it was affectionately named, should operate for up to two years in space before re-entering the atmosphere.

“The idea of ​​launching the Pion-BR1 is to acquire flight heritage and technological maturity for the future satellites of the Pion constellation. We want to think about sustainability and safety monitoring solutions, like many players in agribusiness and the preservation of the Amazon, for example. , demand. In a second moment, we also think about expanding operations to Latin America”, Trubiene told Folha de S.Paulo.

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