Study shows more hospitalizations by Ômicron among children – News

The risk of being hospitalized for Omicron is proportionately higher for young children and infants than for older children, compared with earlier variants of the coronavirus, but cases are mild, British researchers said. According to them, the overall picture is comforting.

The Omicron variant quickly spread across the UK and fueled a surge in cases, causing record highs, although the variant is less severe than previous ones and high levels of vaccination among adults have helped to limit the increase in hospitalizations. Children are less vulnerable to Covid-19 than older adults.

The study, published on Friday (14) and shared with government advisers, found that there is a higher proportion of younger children hospitalized in the last four weeks, particularly babies under 1 year of age.

Of children hospitalized with Covid-19, 42% were younger than 1 year old, compared with about 30% fewer in previous waves, initial data showed, although the researchers emphasized that the disease was mild.

“These children are not particularly sick. In fact, they are staying for short periods of time,” lead author Calum Semple, professor of medicine and child health at the University of Liverpool, told reporters. He also stated that the proportion of hospitalized patients requiring oxygenation is falling.

According to Semple, vaccinating those over 12 may explain the proportional drop in the number of older children being hospitalized, but it doesn’t explain everything.

Russell Viner, professor of child and adolescent health at UCL, said the trend is likely due, in part, to Omicron symptoms, which resemble the types of respiratory conditions that can cause parents to take their babies to the hospital as a precaution. , while clinical pathways for older children do not lead to hospital with such mild symptoms.

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