Sylvinho sees Corinthians “at the limit” of young people and preaches prudence in promotions after Copinha | Corinthians

In Sylvinho’s view, Corinthians already has many boys in the squad, and an eventual excess of athletes still in the maturation stage can be harmful even to their development. That’s because not everyone would have the opportunity to play or be accompanied with the ideal care in training.

Currently, the alvinegro squad has 13 players up to 23 years old. Are they:

  • goalkeepers: Carlos Miguel (23), Matheus Donelli (19) and Guilherme Pezão (21)
  • Side: Lucas Piton (21)
  • Defenders: João Victor (23) and Raul Gustavo (22)
  • steering wheels: Xavier (21), Du Queiroz (22) and Roni (22)
  • Socks: Gabriel Pereira (20), Adson (21) and Ruan Oliveira (21)
  • Attacker: Mantuan (20)

Coach Sylvinho in front of Corinthians training players — Photo: Rodrigo Coca / Ag.Corinthians

He is the creator of Corinthians’ “Terrão”, Sylvinho likes to work with young players and sees the importance of mixing up-and-coming athletes with more seasoned names.

The coach’s idea is that, throughout the season, when there are shortages or shortages in the professional squad, the under-20 team can meet these needs.

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The coach and his assistants followed the Copinha games from a distance. The only one to attend a match in the tournament was football manager Alessandro Nunes, who was in São José dos Campos for Timãozinho’s debut, in a 2-1 victory over Rezende.

Once Corinthians’ participation in the competition is over, members of the base and the professional must meet to discuss possible promotions of athletes.

One of the names that should win chances in the top team is Giovane, a striker who has been standing out in the under-20 since last year and is on loan at the club until June. The alvinegra board wants to test him before deciding whether or not to pay the R$ 3 million to Capivariano to keep the athlete. This Friday, after the match, he was very emotional and spoke about it. (see video below).

Giovane regrets elimination, but praises the Corinthians group: "Proud of the boys, of the commission, of this crowd"

Giovane regrets elimination, but praises the Corinthians group: “Proud of the boys, the commission, this crowd”

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