The adult animations available on Star+

Not all animation is aimed at children. A niche that grows more and more are titles that explore more mature themes and plots, which definitely don’t dialogue so much with the little ones.

Whether it’s playing on satirical humor, sensitive topics or nonsensical situations, adult-oriented animations are taking over streaming services. With that in mind, we’ve separated the main animations for adults available on Star+. See the list.

The Simpsons (1989)

With 32 seasons available exclusively on Star+, “The Simpsons” features a typical middle-class American family. Homer is an unhealthy father who loves to drink beer. Marge is the devoted wife and mother. Bart is the 10-year-old who doesn’t take school seriously and is proud of it. Lisa is an eight-year-old girl, an unappreciated genius. And Maggie is the baby who won’t let go of the pacifier.

American Dad (2005)

In “American Dad”, Stan Smith works for the CIA and is constantly on the alert for terrorist activities, as well as going to extreme lengths to protect America. In addition to his wife and teenage children, the Smith household also has two unconventional members: Roger, a sarcastic alien that Stan rescued from Area 51, who is sorry he can never leave the house, and Klaus, a goldfish who speaks German, the result of a CIA experiment gone wrong. The animation has 15 seasons available exclusively on Star+.

The Cleveland Show (2009)

With 4 seasons available exclusively on Star+, the animation tells the story of Cleveland who moves with his teenage son Cleveland Jr. to his hometown of Virginia, where he will live with an old high school sweetheart. In high school, Cleveland was in love with Donna, but she didn’t return his love and ended up marrying another man. Despite this, he told her that he would always love her and that if her husband did her any harm he would be by her side to help her. And so he did. After her husband left her with two more children, teenager Roberta and little Rallo, Cleveland managed to win her great love. So, he and his son join the new family and go on fun adventures.

The Great North (2021)

Recently released, “The Great North” follows fisherman Beef Tobin (Nick Offerman), a single father caring for his four children, Wolf, Judy, Ham and Moon, in the fictional town of Lone Moose, Alaska, after his ex-wife abandoned him. The animation has only 1 season, which is available exclusively on Star+.

Crossing Swords (2020)

In “Crossing Swords”, it shows when Patrick (Nicholas Hoult) is promoted to the role of aide to the monarch of his kingdom, the peasant discovers that his dream job is, in fact, a nightmare. Being the black sheep of a family of rogues and surrounded by bandits, the young man needs to do his best not to go crazy in the midst of so much confusion. The animation has 1 season, which is available exclusively on Star+.

MODOK (2021)

With 1 season available exclusively on Star+, the animation focuses on the egocentric MODOK, who tries to use all the knowledge and skill contained in his giant head to maintain control of his criminal organization. — while never forgetting to please his demanding family.

Solar Opposites (2020)

“Solar Opposites” features a group of four aliens from a more evolved planet who end up taking refuge on Earth after their universe explodes. At first, they feel isolated and uncomfortable with the ways of Earthlings, but little by little they adapt – or almost – to the way of life of humans. However, even so, they refuse to give up certain habits like shrinking and imprisoning their enemies. The animation has 2 seasons available exclusively on Star+.

Futurama (1999)

The classic “Futurama” could not be left out of this list. With 10 seasons available exclusively on Star+. the animation tells the story of Philip J. Fry, a young man from New York who works as a pizza delivery boy at the end of the 20th century. One day he is accidentally cryogenated and stays like that for hundreds of years, until he thaws in the New York of the 20th century. 31, a time filled with technological wonders and a great deal of substance abuse and strange beings.

Fry gets a job as a delivery boy at Planet Express, the company of his only living relative, Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth. There, he meets Turanga, the Cyclops captain of the Planet Express Ship, and Bender, an alcoholic, smoking, kleptomaniac and egocentric robot who becomes Fry’s best friend.

Family Guy (1999)

The Griffin family home is home to two teenagers, a cynical dog who is smarter than all humans, and an evil baby who plots countless attempts to eradicate his mother. Heading this strange family is Peter Griffin, who does his best to do the right thing, but along the way makes legendary mistakes. The animation has 18 seasons, available exclusively on Star+.

Bob’s Burgers (2011)

“Bob’s Burgers” tells the story of the Belcher family. They run a diner, where their burgers are delicious and apparently better than the competition. However, when it comes to selling them, Bob’s family is not really willing to help, making customers prefer Jimmy Pesto’s restaurant. The animation has 11 seasons available exclusively on Star+.

Duncanville (2020)

With 2 seasons available exclusively on Star+, the animation revolves around Duncan Harris, a 15-year-old who is always one step away from making the wrong decision. He can’t wait to become an adult and conquer everything he’s entitled to, like cars, girls, money and lots of freedom. But while he doesn’t get there, Duncan continues his unextraordinary life alongside his parents and two sisters, facing the typical problems of adolescence.

Brickleberry (2012)

A new ranger arrives in Brickleberry National Park with a mission to turn the site into a real success. For this, the team responsible for the park needs to change its behavior and do the best for the company. The animation has 3 seasons, available exclusively on Star+.

Bordertown (2016)

“Bordertown” takes a satirical look at the cultural differences present in the United States. Exploring relationships, politics and everything in between cultural differences, the series centers on two very different families who live in a fictional desert town of Estadis, on the border with Mexico. The animation has 1 season available exclusively on Star+.

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