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Gabriel came from New York to take over the bar he received as a gift from his mother, and in a short time, he fell under Flávia’s charms.

Flávia introduces Gabriel to Marcelo as her boyfriend

Flávia introduces Gabriel to Marcelo as her boyfriend

Seeing that the bartender is in love with her, the dancer decided to give Gabriel a chance and took him to meet his greatest passion: pole dancing.

Totally in love, Gabriel talks to Carmem about Flávia but without revealing his girlfriend’s name. To keep the mystery, the bartender calls the loved one by her stage name: Pink.

Gabriel (Caio Manhente) talks about Flávia (Valentina Herszage) to Carmem (Julia Lemmertz) in ‘The More Life, the Better!’ — Photo: Globe

“You’ll love Pink, Mom. I’m sure. You’ll know everything about this girl. But at the right time,” Gabriel will say.

But Carmem won’t be able to wait and will try to find out on her own who this Pink is, spying on her son’s cell phone.

Carmem (Julia Lemmertz) will find a video of Flávia (Valentina Herszage) on Gabriel’s (Caio Manhente) cell phone – ‘The More Life, the Better’ — Photo: Globo

she will find the video Gabriel made of Flavia and will be shocked. 😨

“Mon Dieu! Dancer in a nightclub on Thursday! That Pink is much worse than I thought!”, the businesswoman will say to herself.

▶️ Review Gabriel filming Flávia on pole dance:

Murilo sees Flávia dancing for Gabriel

Murilo sees Flávia dancing for Gabriel

Dissatisfied with daughter-in-law, the villain will summon Marcelo (Bruno Cabrerizo) for a frame-up against the son’s girlfriend. 😱

Carmem (Julia Lemmertz) will plot with Marcelo (Bruno Cabrerizo) a plan against Flávia (Valentina Herszage) – ‘The More Life, the Better’ — Photo: Globo

“We have to get rid of her!”, Carmem will say to her partner.

Want to find out what plan this will be? So don’t miss the emotions of the next chapters of “The More Life, the Better!

14 Jan


Guilherme and Rose argue. Neném suggests that Tina invite Tigger and her parents to a family date. Rose catches Guilherme with delegate Nunes. Flavia declares herself to Gabriel. Chicão tells Neném that the team doesn’t want him to play. Guilherme goes to the hospital with Rose. The team doesn’t play well and Neném gets upset. Celina is furious when Guilherme says he’ll get back together with Rose. Ingrid talks to Flávia about Murilo. Guilherme consults with Daniel. Baby remains in the bank and Paula despairs. Odete complains about Jandira to Prado. Carmem sees Flávia’s video on Gabriel’s cell phone and is horrified. Guilherme and Rose reconcile. Baby enters the field.

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