The Pope: “I miss being able to walk on the streets like in Buenos Aires”

Francis responds with a brief letter to journalist Javier Martínez Brocal who, on January 11, had photographed him leaving the record store: “Follow the vocation of journalists even if it means putting the Pope in difficulty”

Salvatore Cernuzio/Raimundo de Lima – Vatican News

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“What I miss most in this Diocese (of Rome) is not being able to walk the streets, as I used to in Buenos Aires, walking from one parish to another.” A confidence expressed since the beginning of his pontificate and which Pope Francis now repeats in a letter in response to Spanish journalist Javier Martínez Brocal. He is the director of Rome Reports that, last January 11, was passing around the Pantheon in the center of Rome, and that immortalized the Pope by leaving Stereosound, the record store whose owners he has known since his time as Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

The black and white photo of the Pontiff at the entrance of the so-called “Pantheon nightclub” – as the Romans call the store -, with a classical music record under his arm given to him by the store’s owner, Letizia Giostra, and her daughter Tiziana, went viral on social media within minutes, and was picked up by websites around the world.

humor and vocation

Brocal wrote to the Pope to tell him that he regretted that he, a lover of freedom, was forced to stay indoors because every time he went out, he was caught on camera. But he added that news like these of the Pope’s unforeseen departures can make us smile at a time when we only talk about tragedies. Francisco thanked him for this “noble and beautiful” post. At the same time, he added in the letter, “it cannot be denied that it was ‘bad luck’ that, after taking all precautions, there was a journalist waiting for a person in the taxi rank”. The Pope wrote in jest, as he made clear shortly afterwards in the missive: “We must not lose our sense of humour.” The Pontiff also encouraged the journalist to “fulfill his own vocation” “even if it means putting the Pope in difficulty.”

A “human visit”

Pope Francis – not surprisingly, his outings after visiting an optical shop in 2015 and then an orthopedic shop in 2016 – had gone to the music store in the heart of Rome late last Tuesday afternoon. fair to bless the newly renovated facilities. For about ten minutes he spoke with the owners, known for a long time from the time he stayed as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, at the Casa do Clero, in Via della Scrofa. It was a “beautiful” and “human” visit, as the store owner reported.

The longing to go out on the streets

Since the beginning of his pontificate, Francis has shown a longing to move freely around the city, as he was used to doing in the Buenos Aires metropolis, where he also habitually used public transport. “I miss going out on the streets, this is what I want, the tranquility of walking on the street, or going to a pizzeria to eat a good pizza… I have always been ‘from the street'”, he revealed to the Argentine newspaper. the voice of the pueblo in 2015. And two years later, in 2017, interviewed by tennis scarp, a magazine for the homeless in Milan supported by Caritas, he repeated: “I just lack one thing: the possibility to go out and walk the streets. I like to visit parishes and meet people.” A concept he repeated in a recent Spanish radio interview cup.

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