the reports of Inter’s new physical trainers

Inter live an intense week of pre-season. With training in two periods almost every day so far, Alexander Cacique Medina and his coaching staff prepare the Colorado athletes for a year with four competitions to be played.

In an interview with the club’s channels, the physical trainers who arrived with the coach commented on the first days at CT Parque Gigante. Richard González and Alexis Olariaga spoke about the motivation passed on to the players and the atmosphere at Inter.

“The group performed with great joy. They are happy too. A well-deserved vacation after the long work. They are happy, happy to be together and share with the new coaching staff”, said Richard González.

“Me and Alexis are ready to climb Everest, 8848 meters. They will have to go up with us. When we get to 8848 meters, we’ll start to get important things. We have already started climbing Everest”, added González.

Alexis confirms the conversation with the athletes. The former permanent fitness trainer for Talleres left the club to accompany Alexander Medina in the new challenge in Porto Alegre.

“That’s what we say to athletes, who are sniffing meter after meter and aiming for the highest. Then time will tell how far we can go. We found a very ready squad, we are very happy here at Inter. We plan about 15 days, we will download the load a couple of days before the first game and then we will continue working. We will have a very big year”, said Alexis Olariaga

“It’s extraordinary. A very high human resources structure, very prepared and they helped us a lot in the knowledge of the players, exams, physiotherapists, doctors, masseurs, everything, everything. The technical staff of Cacique Medina is not just two weeks of work, it is the whole year”, added Alexis.

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