‘They saw a lot of 007’, mocks China about alleged spy in the British Parliament | World

China on Friday rejected warnings from British intelligence services that warned of the activities of an alleged Beijing agent in the UK Parliament, mocking that they had seen too many James Bond films.

“It may be that some people have seen too many 007 movies,” a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, Wang Wenbin, told reporters.

Wang reacted to the publication on Thursday by British media of an MI5 warning note, which accused a woman named Christine Lee of “knowingly participating in political interference activities”.

Supposedly Lee worked for an agency of the Chinese Communist Party charged with establishing ties between the government and foreign entities.

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British Conservative MEP Iain Duncan Smith, very critical of Beijing, expressed his concern that Lee had not been detained and was only barred from entering Parliament.

According to MI5, she acted as an intermediary in the payment of “financial donations to political parties, parliamentarians, aspiring parliamentarians and persons proposing to hold political office in the United Kingdom” on behalf of persons based in China or Hong Kong.

British Parliament during an extraordinary session to decide the future of the Brexit deal (Photo: UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor/Reuters)

In this scheme, she allegedly paid hundreds of thousands of pounds sterling to Barry Gardiner, a former top leader of the Labor Party, and to the party itself.

She was also photographed with former Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron in 2015, as well as former Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn on another occasion.

In 2019, Christine Lee was decorated by Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May in recognition of her contribution to good relations with China.

In turn, Chinese diplomacy guaranteed to respect the principle of non-interference in the affairs of other countries. “We are not interfering nor do we need to,” Wenbin said.


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