Tiago Abravanel did not tell Silvio Santos about the reality

Tiago Abravanel, 34 years old, was confirmed as a member of the group “Camarote” of “BBB 22”. He said that he did not talk about going to the reality show on Rede Globo to his grandfather, presenter Silvio Santos.

In an interview with “Gshow”, the actor, singer and presenter of the program “Sai da Caixa, aqui de Splash”, listed curiosities of his life, such as having a collection of more than 800 dolls, and confessed that he did not share the news with the presenter and owner of “SBT”.

“Grandpa doesn’t know!”, declared the artist when talking about Silvio Santos.

Tiago’s name was one of the most cogitated on social media and gained strength after one of Boninho’s spoilers, who cited that “one of the new BBBs could be on Broadway”.

Tiago’s last work at Globo was on “Super Dança dos Famosos”, when he took 6th place in the competition. He had also participated, in 2018, in the “Show dos Famosos” and in 2013 in the “Dança dos Famosos 10”.

Tiago Abravanel makes a historic presentation at the Super Dança dos Famosos, a 'cry' of gay pride - Reproduction/TV Globo - Reproduction/TV Globo

Tiago Abravanel makes a historic presentation at the Super Dança dos Famosos, a ‘shout’ of gay pride

Image: Reproduction/TV Globo

“Out of the Box”

Tiago Abravanel is also one of the presenters of splash, with the musical program “Sai da Caixa”.

Weekly, Abravanel receives a different artist to “get out of the box” and sing songs from outside his usual repertoire.

Currently in the second season, shown on UOL channel, the presenter has already received guests such as Zezé di Camargo, Samuel Rosa and Dilsinho.

Marriage to TV Producer

Tiago Abravanel is married to Fernando Poli, a TV producer, with whom he has been in a relationship for almost seven years. The actor’s love life became public in 2019, when Larissa Manoela shared a photo of the two with the caption: “The most beautiful couple”.

In an interview with the newspaper “O Estado de S.Paulo”, Tiago said that he never “came out of the closet” and that he never hid the relationship: “Maybe it’s news for those who don’t know me that much. who is an incredible person, who has been in my family for a long time”.

Tiago and Fernando returned to the spotlight recently after participating in “Farofa da Gkay”. The comedian said that the couple exchanged kisses with other party guests, including influencer Álvaro, who was also quoted for the “BBB 22”.

Tiago Abravanel and her husband wearing T_JAMA clothes - Reproduction / Instagram @tjamaoficial - Reproduction / Instagram @tjamaoficial

Tiago Abravanel and his husband wearing T_JAMA clothes

Image: Playback/Instagram @tjamaoficial

Homophobic speech by Patricia Abravanel:

Tiago Abravanel was involved in a family controversy in June 2021 when he rebutted a comment made by his aunt, Patrícia Abravanel, on SBT’s “Vem Pra Cá” program. On the occasion, Silvio Santos’ daughter minimized homophobia, asked for understanding with those who “is still learning” and mocked the acronym LGBTQIA+.

I need to try to tell you, aunt, how I felt watching it, okay? I think, first of all, sexual orientation is not a matter of opinion. It’s a matter of respect. You don’t have to be like me, but you need to respect who I am, period. Final, said James on video.

Tiago Abravanel also signaled his aunt’s request for the LGBTQIA+ community to be more tolerant:

It’s not a question of being radical. People suffer from it. People die for it.

Entrepreneurial side:

In addition to his artistic career, Tiago Abravanel also works as a businessman. Silvio Santos’ grandson has a pajama business, with online and physical stores, and is also a partner, alongside her husband, in a confectionery shop specializing in sweets made with bananas.

On social media, he recently celebrated his success in business: “At a time like this, both businesses expanded. Pajamas and candy to stay at home. What more could we want?”.

Silvio Santos poses in his pajamas with his grandson, Tiago Abravanel - Reproduction/Instagram/tiagoabravanel - Reproduction/Instagram/tiagoabravanel

Silvio Santos poses in his pajamas with his grandson, Tiago Abravanel

Image: Reproduction/Instagram/tiagoabravanel

“BBB 22” debuts on January 17 for the first time under the command of Tadeu Schmidt.

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