Ticket Information – Osasco Audax x Vasco – Copinha 2022 – Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama

By: Press Office, São Januário

Meninos da Colina will return to the field for Copinha this Saturday (15/1), at 5:15 pm, against Osasco Audax, at Estádio Municipal José Liberatti. The Vasco fans will have a space destined for three thousand people. Anyone who wants to support #BaseForte, just guarantee the ticket following the recommendations below:

LINK TO TICKET CHECK-IN: https://www.sympla.com.br/osasco-audax-x-vasco-da-gama—copa-sao-paulo__1460836

THE COPINHA KILLER HAS ARRIVED! The biggest grassroots tournament in world football comes to Osasco once again. Copinha, as it is affectionately known, had its last edition in 2021 canceled due to the complications of the pandemic, but in 2022, it is back. The 52nd edition of Copa São Paulo includes 128 Brazilian football teams divided into 32 groups. In Osasco, the city hosted Group 23 of the competition with the home team, Osasco Audax, hosting Joinville (SC), Santo André (SP) and Camaçariense (BA).

NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE THIRD PHASE WITH KILLA. Osasco Audax will host Vasco da Gama (Rio de Janeiro) at Rochdale and only one team will remain alive in the competition. The match takes place this Saturday (January 15) at 5:15 pm at Rochdale Stadium.

The Copa São Paulo will once again have the presence of the public, who will be able to return to the stadiums to enjoy the most charming competition in the country. Admission is free and fans must follow all protocols to prevent COVID-19.

– To gain access to the stadium, the fan must comply with the measures stipulated by the Government of the State of São Paulo, that is, present the PROOF OF TWO DOSES VACCINATION or single dose or, if you only have the first dose of the vaccine, the fan must present the negative result of the PCR test performed up to 48 hours before the game or negative antigen test result up to 24 hours in advanceThe. For fans who are not eligible for the vaccination system, they must present a negative result of the PCR test performed up to 48 hours before the game or a negative result of an antigen test up to 24 hours in advance;

– Spectators must wear masks during their stay at the event

– The official identification document (RG and/or CPF or equivalent official document) can be verified;

– The falsification of test results is a crime and will be charged as such

– Bystanders should bring the minimum and necessary personal belongings to minimize security check time through policing

– Spectators who refuse, before or during the game, to comply with the measures established in this protocol, will not be admitted to the stadium and will be removed

– The spectator must be aware of the risks and responsibilities in accessing the stadium inherent to the Covid-19 situation, assuming the possibility of contagion even following all health measures


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