TJ denies Petrobras appeal that tried to overturn injunction and prevents readjustment of natural gas in Alagoas

The State of Alagoas, once again, obtained an injunction in favor of Gás de Alagoas S/A – Algás, denying Petrobras’ appeal, which again prevents the readjustment of natural gas in Alagoas. This decision was taken by Judge Elisabeth Carvalho Nascimento, of the Court of Justice of Alagoas, this Thursday (13).

“This ruling enabled Algás to save BRL 144 million in January alone, maintaining companies that use natural gas in the state of Alagoas, guaranteeing more than 3,500 jobs. This is very important for our economy to be able to function and maintain jobs, through a lawsuit against Petrobras, which wanted to increase the price of gas in the state by more than 60%”, mentions the Secretary of Finance of Alagoas, George Santoro.

As a result, Petrobras shall maintain the contract for the supply of natural gas to Alagoas, with the same price and billing conditions provided for in the purchase and sale agreement between the parties, from January 1, 2022, until the date of closing the contract.

Increase in CNG – Algás has filed a lawsuit against Petrobras’ decision, after the state-owned company announced that as of January 1, 2022, new contracts for the supply of natural gas will undergo a 50% readjustment in the current price for the first year (US$ 12 per 1 million BTUs). This amount will continue to rise from the second year onwards, with a 30% readjustment over the current amount.

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