Troy Baker, Joel’s actor in The Last of Us, partners with NFTs company •

“You can hate, or you can create, which one will it be?”

NFTs are dividing the video game industry: on the one hand, there are those who support this initiative and argue that they can be used in positive ways; on the other, there are those who believe that they are potentially negative and that they will only benefit publishers, giving them another way to monetize video games.

Troy Baker, the actor best known for playing Joel on The Last of Us (but who lends his voice to many other characters in video games and animations), is in the first group and announced this week that he has partnered with Voiceverse NFT.

Voiceverse NFT calls itself as the first company to make NFTs in voice form. On the official website, it is said that they are 2nd generation NFTs built with artificial intelligence that grant you ownership of a unique voice in the Metaverse.

“You can use it in game chats, in zoom calls, on Youtube and TikTok, and create any content you want,” is the promise made.

Justifying his decision to his followers, Troy Baker said that “we all have a story to tell. You can hate it. Or you can create it. What is it going to be?”. The reaction to this announcement is being mostly negative.

What do you think of this decision by Troy Baker?

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