Uber enters the corporate transport market

Another Uber service debuted in Brazil: bus charter. Uber Shuttle for Companies provides transportation for employees of companies located in Brazil along the way to and from work, in vehicles that can accommodate 10 to 50 people. The first customer is the automaker Toyota, which is using the service on the journey of its employees between São Paulo and Sorocaba and also from the ABC region to Sorocaba.

See how Uber Shuttle for Business works

Unlike the traditional Uber app, which connects autonomous drivers with partners, Uber Shuttle for Business receives applications from bus companies interested in providing the service through the platform.


There are several types of buses that can be inserted, according to the customer’s need, including the customization of routes with predefined schedules. You need to register with Uber for Business and hire the Shuttle tool.

Toyota, for example, contracted two exclusive lines, with a specific route and schedule. In addition to the SP-Sorocaba route, the automaker also closed the itinerary between the ABC region and Sorocaba, a city in the interior where the administrative headquarters is located.

Employees use the service by scheduling an appointment by choosing a location closer to their home, optimizing their time.

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biker with uber eats container
New service provision arrives in Brazil after Uber cancels deliveries to restaurants, keeping only in other countries. Credits: nrqemi / Shutterstock.com

market need

Uber’s new service went live after the app canceled delivery services to restaurants in Brazil through Uber Eats.

The emergence of Uber Shuttle for Companies comes at a favorable time for the economy, given that companies are adopting hybrid and face-to-face workloads at this current stage of the pandemic.

According to Toyota, the contracting of the service was influenced by the change of the company’s administrative headquarters from São Bernardo do Campo to Sorocaba, in the last quarter of 2021.

In a note, the company informed that the return to face-to-face activities through the hybrid model, required an investment in locomotion to the plant on alternate days.

“So, the possibility of scheduling the day to use the service became an advantage. In addition, it offers more convenience to employees”, says the note.

Uber is also confident in the growth of the corporate travel sector for this year and is already seeing an increase in vouchers and gift cards, in addition to the transport of employees on the way home to work and vice versa.

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