Ultra Rumble, a Battle Royale based on the famous anime, is announced by Bandai Namco there in Japan ⋆

This week, through a publication that was released in the magazine weekly jumpin Japan, the Bandai namco confirmed that it is preparing to launch a Battle Royale based on the anime my hero Academy. That’s right! According to the information, the game will be called My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble and it will be available for free for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch… shall we check the details inherent to this novelty?

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As Bandai Namco’s announcement was only published in a few pages of Weekly Jump magazine, there wasn’t much space left for presenting more details about the game. However, the information that was presented indicated that My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble will be a Battle Royale with matches for up to 24 players, in which players will be able to take control of many of the heroes and villains that are present in the anime. In addition, the Japanese developer mentioned that it will present information about a round of beta tests soon, that is, the game should be released in 2022.

Obviously, the most important and unanswered question was: will the game come to the West? As the announcement was made in a not very common way (for those who are used to trailers and social networks), the best thing we can do is keep an eye on Bandai Namco’s movements and hope that new details are presented, as well as the version for this corner of the globe. In any case, we cannot deny that the idea seems very interesting, since a Battle Royale with superheroes and villains has everything to guarantee good hours of fun.

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