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The movement #FreeBritney began after the pop star fought to have her father removed from her guardianship. In addition to the controversies of this relationship, the sister Jamie Lynn Spears has been a name mentioned a lot in the case. She is suspected of benefiting from the legal settlement.

The American actress and singer became known for starring in the series Zoey 101, in 2005, and has always had her image attributed to Britney Spears.

After an interview on “Good Morning America”, a morning show in the United States this Thursday, 1/13, the relationship became even more troubled. She has released the book “Things I Should Have Said,” which details the behind-the-scenes of the Spears family from her perspective.

After that, Britney positioned herself strongly on her social networks. But where did all this disagreement start?

This Thursday, 1/13, Lynn gave an interview to “Good Morning America” ​​about her new book. The actress and singer reveals behind the scenes of the family after 13 years of legal dispute for the guardianship of Britney Spears.

During the interview, the younger sister said that she loved and supported Britney. “I don’t know why I’m in this position now,” he declared.

Jamie Lynn on ‘Good Morning America’ — Photo: Reproduction

After the interview, Britney positioned herself on social media. He said he had a high fever and was “disgusted” by the family.

“I looked at my phone and I see that my sister did an interview to promote her book. […] It was really good to have such a high fever because I had to surrender to not caring.”

“The two things that bothered me [foram] that my sister said my behavior was out of control. She was never very close to me back then, 15 years ago.”

The star further stated that “they ruined my dreams.” Following these lines, Jamie Lynn also made public a statement responding to her sister.

Jamie Lynn Spears on her social media — Photo: Reproduction

“I know you’re going through a lot and I never want to belittle it, but I can’t belittle myself either. […] My book is not about her. There’s nothing I can do about the fact that I was born a Spears too and some of my experiences involve my sister Britney.”

After her sister said she didn’t receive any money from her older sister, in July last year, a North American magazine reported that a luxury Florida penthouse belonging to Jamie Lynn was purchased through a value that Britney has had since the beginning. of the 2000s.

The property is valued at 1 million dollars and is in the name of a company owned by Britney, which has the guardianship of Jamie Spears, the singer’s father.

During a court hearing last year, Britney said that her entire family was on vacation at this residence while she was in a psychiatric facility.

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn exchange public messages — Photo: Reproduction

In September of last year, the American justice gave Jamie Lynn the role of curator of Britney’s estate. In case of death, she would also be his main heir. With that, she started to have an active voice in the administration of the business and all this was done with her father’s authorization.

Jamye Linn Spears — Photo: Reproduction

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