Vyni asked Felipe Neto for help in 2017 after suffering a blow

After Marcos Vinícius, aka Vyni, was announced on “BBB 22”, Felipe Neto discovered that the participant had already contacted him. In a post on Twitter, the youtuber published images of the messages he received from his brother and that told a sad story.

“Guys, in 2017, BBB Vyni sent me very serious directs. I really wanted to know if his class managed to graduate and if they managed to catch the scammers who stole their money”, wrote Felipe Neto.

In the prints, the Ceará native said that his law school class, who graduated in 2016, suffered a blow from the company hired to carry out the celebrations.

According to him, the group paid for five years an amount that, in total, added up to R$ 170 thousand. However, the company disappeared and the celebration did not take place.

Because it’s been so long, the youtuber explained that he hadn’t seen it before because he receives so many messages every day.

The “BBB 22” debuts on January 17 for the first time under the command of Tadeu Schmidt.

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