WhatsApp voice messages can be played in the background

Check out the newest WhatsApp feature that will make listening to voice messages more convenient.

WhatsApp is slowly growing to be more feature rich. And the voice messaging feature has become one of the most useful additions to the popular messaging service. However, voice messages sent to you on WhatsApp can only be played while the chat you received them in is still open. That should change soon.

Soon, WhatsApp will allow users to play messages in the background. This will allow you to play a voice message and exit that specific chat window. Users will be able to listen to the message while checking or replying to other chats or group conversations.

The report comes from WABetaInfo, but we still don’t know if it will allow you to play voice notes and exit the app completely, or if voice notes will only play while you still have WhatsApp open.

Playing a voice message while browsing the rest of the app also shows a new playbar above the main WhatsApp screen.

The feature is not yet released and it may take a while to arrive on your phone as it has not yet reached WhatsApp Beta users nor Android on iOS. A stable update may therefore take longer to reach Android and iOS phones.

The feature will be the latest addition to the popular WhatsApp voice notes, which have also had the ability to change playback speed for a few months now. This allows WhatsApp users to listen to messages at 1.5x or 2x speeds, which is useful if you’re short on time or need to skip to a specific part of the voice message.

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