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UnitedHealth Group moves to sell control of healthcare operator Amil (Image: Giovana Leal/Money Times)

the american UnitedHealth Group (UHG) is negotiating the sale of Amil.

For Genial Investimentos, D’Or Network (RDOR3) and dasa (DASA3) are identified as potential buyers of the health care provider.

Currently, the amil It has 18 hospitals, 2,700 beds and more than 5.7 million lives in its health portfolio.

Rede D’Or has 10,000 beds, while Dasa has 3,700. The broker claims that the acquisition of Amil would accelerate the consolidation of companies in the sector, bringing with it the company’s health beneficiary portfolio.

However, Rede D’Or has already signaled to Genial in the past that it has no interest in the insurance segment.

The brokerage also emphasizes that one cannot rule out the South America (SULA11) and Bradesco Saúde, which have been verticalizing their operations.

SulAmérica has been accelerating its mergers and acquisitions agenda, as demonstrated in purchase of Sompo Saúde and dispute over the acquisition of the HB Saúde group.

However, as it has little interest in verticalizing — having its own hospitals —, in Genial’s assessment, it is possible that it will dispute Amil’s beneficiary portfolio while Rede D’Or and Dasa fight over the assets.

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