With an eye on the Club World Cup, Al Hilal offers R$ 45.6 million in cash for Michael and swings Flamengo | Flamengo

Al Hilal wants Michael as a backup for the Club World Cup, he’s willing to open the safe for that and on sight. The Saudi Arabian club formalized a proposal of 8.25 million dollars for the striker (R$ 45.6 million) to Flamengo and awaits a response as soon as possible.

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The conversations are led by Eduardo Maluf, Michael’s manager and also a representative of most Saudi clubs. In recent days, Al Nassr has also expressed the desire to present a proposal for the striker, which has not yet been formalized. The rival’s competition is another factor that makes Hilal is in a hurry to close the deal.

The conversations started at the end of 2021, Flamengo was rigid in refusing the first advances, but it was balanced with the most recent proposal and, mainly, by the form of payment. Kenedy’s sudden departure delayed the outcome, despite the parties involved treating the negotiation with optimism. Paparazzo Rubro-Negro was the first to report the onslaught of a Middle Eastern club.

Michael in Flamengo training this Friday — Photo: Marcelo Cortes/Flamengo

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Flamengo paid 7.5 million euros to remove the striker from Goiás in 2020 (R$34.5 million at the time) and holds 80% of the economic rights. The Arabs’ proposal is for 100%, but one of the ends to be tied in the transaction is the desire of the Rio club to receive the full amount.

With R$ 140 million in player sales foreseen in the budget for 2022, red-black leaders understand that the business opportunity is practically unmissable. On the other hand, he ponders the need to seek a replacement in the market in a sector already affected recently with the return of Kenedy to Chelsea.

Michael recalls self-questioning in a bad phase at Flamengo: "Am I still a player?"

Michael recalls self-questioning in a bad phase at Flamengo: “Am I still a player?”

The proposal is on the table, Flamengo is balanced, and Al Hilal is in a hurry. Let’s see the scenes of the next chapters.

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