With COVID-19, Aline Campos looks for a manicure with the disease and revolt

Aline Riscado is now called Aline Campos (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Diagnosed with Covid-19, Aline Campos, known as Aline Riscado, got into a controversy this Thursday (13/01) during her vacation in Fernando de Noronha, the actress caused controversy by talking on social media that she wanted to hire a manicurist and a masseuse who were contaminated with the new coronavirus and without symptoms, just like she is.

“Wanted: manicurist and masseur in Noronha with Covid and without symptoms!”, she asked in her


from Instagram. The model who got to have her name quoted for the Camarote do


, reality show on TV Globo, contracted the virus in the Archiplago of Pernambuco and remains in social isolation on the island. In addition to her, her son, Nathan, 11 years old, and his friend, Guta Furlanetto, also have the virus.

After the negative repercussion of the request, Aline deleted the publication. “Wow, what a lack of notion”, wrote an internet user. “Have you already got the manicure with Covid? Why don’t you have it”, reinforced another. “Deleted it because you know you talked nonsense, huh?”, fired another follower.

Later, Fausto’s former dancer posed with manicure tools and mocked the situation: “We didn’t get a manicure, but as we have good friends here in Noronha, they brought all this for us to play with. Guys, this. nail, shave, which distracts her, passes the time”.

Aline Campos via social media stories (photo: Reproduo/Instagram/Montagem)

With her nails done, she decided to comment on the matter: “Guys, let’s go. I come across comments in my last post in the feed of people angry with me, calling me clueless, because some journalist saw my stories, which I did this morning playing. I have Covid. I am isolated in Noronha. Me, my son and my friend, because we tested positive, without any symptoms”, he began.

“My son had a fever, that’s why we found out. That is, just as we have no symptoms because we took the vaccine, several other people, including you, who are watching the video, may have Covid, but no symptoms like us. But we are isolated here, respecting everything properly because I don’t want to contaminate anyone”, he explained.

According to the artist, it was all just a joke: “And, earlier today I made stories with my friend. We were bored, with nothing to do, showing my nails, silly stories. I made a joke and even if it were true, honestly, I don’t think that’s the reason for all this that is happening. And if it offended anyone, I apologize with all my heart. I said the following: ‘I could have a manicure also with Covid, without symptoms, because the It would be the perfect combo. The manicurist who must be bored too, wanting to earn her money, with Covid, without symptoms, comes here to our house'”.

Aline explained the reason for having deleted the publication and declared that “the people interpret it the way they want”. “Then I even thought ‘I think I’m going to delete it because people love to interpret it the way they want’, and I deleted it”, he said.

“Let’s look at each other with more affection, love and respect, because I’m not doing anything to offend anyone, quite the contrary, I’m here isolated and respecting everything properly”.

Aline Campos

“So please don’t come to you who neither know me nor follow me and want to burn me or distort my image. If you see everything I did from the beginning of the pandemic to now, you will see that I respect the virus and the being very much. human”, he concluded.

Check out, below, the portrait of Aline Campos in full.

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