With lightning goal, Fluminense beats Ponte Preta and goes to the round of 16 of Copinha – 01/14/2022

Fluminense beat Ponte Preta 3-0 this afternoon (14), at Ferreirão, in Matão. John Kennedy, with one minute of play, Matheus Martins, from a penalty in the 34th minute of the first stage, and Luan Brito at the end of the second, scored the goals that guaranteed Tricolor in the round of 16 of Copinha.

The Rio team awaits the winner of the match between Santos and Ferroviária, who will duel later, at 7:30 pm, to find out who they will face in the next phase. The second biggest winner of the tournament, with five titles, Flu wants to win again a cup that has not been in Laranjeiras since 1989.

smashing start

One minute of the ball rolling was enough for Fluminense to open the scoring. Yago found Johnny on the right. The full-back crossed in the measure for John Kennedy, who tested firmly to the back of the net.

The carioca club continued to improve in the match and pressured the team from Campinas until the 27th minute, when there was a technical stop. Even having control of the ball, Nense created only with Matheus Martins, who hit from far out in the 24th minute.

Macaca came back with more hydration initiative and Maurício took a free kick on the crossbar at 32. However, it was Matheus Martins who swung the net once again for Flu. The midfielder was taken down inside the area after a speed move from the left. He went for a kick and touched the right corner to take goalkeeper Gabriel Fernando out of the picture.

In stoppage time, John Kennedy brought the ball through the middle and hit it from outside the area. The shot was blocked, but the ball was left for Wallace who, in legal condition, bounced the ball into the goal on the way out of the archer. However, the flag signaled an offside in the play and disallowed the goal.

Control in the second step

Macaca came back from the break with two changes and tried to grow in the match, however Fluminense played a very safe game and did not allow much space for the São Paulo team. The first changes made by the Laranjeiras team happened with 20 minutes and, from then on, the team’s rhythm dropped.

Maurício risked a bomb from afar in the 34th minute at Ponte’s best opportunity in the second half. Two minutes later, Felipinho received the red card to prevent Luan Brito from leaving the goalkeeper and practically ended any possible reaction from the São Paulo team.

With more space in midfield, Flu started to bet on balls from outside the area and managed to expand in extra time. Before that, at 39, Edinho left the opponents homesick on the right and took a chance from outside the area, but Gabriel Fernando did well and avoided what would have been a great goal. Miguel Vinícius, at 44, also hit from afar and the goalkeeper deflected it. Until, at 47, Luan Brito brought it to the left and placed it in the corner, determining the final score of the match.

repeated escalation

Coach Eduardo Oliveira kept exactly the same formation that started the game in the 3-1 victory over Francana last Wednesday (12). The well-knit team of Flu had an excellent performance by Matheus Martins and the nose of a striker from John Kennedy to dominate the confrontation and win the spot in the fourth phase.

The Tricolor players who entered the field were: Thiago Gonçalves; Johnny (Justen), Felipe, Davi and Marcos Pedro; Alexsander (Edinho), Nathan and Wallace and Yago (Arthur); Matheus Martins (Miguel Vinicius) and John Kennedy (Luan Britto).

red felt

Felipinho, sent off in the middle of the second half, leaving the pitch in tears and was comforted by his teammates on the bench. The defender avoided a promising move by Luan Britto and received a direct red card.

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