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An alleged marital betrayal led to a woman being sentenced in the worst way in Indonesia. The case sparked outrage and outrage on social media. According to the authorities, the sentence was carried out this Thursday (13) in a public square in the conservative province of Aceh.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman was flogged 100 times for committing adultery with another married man. However, the punishment of both, however, was quite different.

While the young woman was whipped 100 times, the man she got involved with was only 15. The justification, from justice, is that the man, head of the East Aceh fisheries agency, denied the accusations.

According to the newspaper, the woman’s punishment was briefly interrupted because she could not bear the pain. Ivan Najjar Alavi, head of the East Aceh prosecutor’s general investigation division, said the court handed down a heavier sentence on the married woman after she confessed to having sex outside of marriage.

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As for the accused, Alavi revealed that “during the trial he did not admit anything, denying all charges. So, [os juízes] are not able to prove that he is guilty”, but as an alternative punishment, the judges found the married man guilty of “showing affection to a partner who is not his wife” after the couple was found having sex on a coconut oil plantation. palm in 2018.

Initially, the head of the East Aceh fisheries agency was sentenced to 30 lashes, but the successful appeal in Aceh’s Sharia Supreme Court reduced the sentence to 15.

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