Exercise can alleviate even chronic disorders, study says

Exercise can treat anxiety / Photo: Shutterstock

Exercise can treat anxiety / Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock / SportLife

Leave her anxiety controlled by practicing physical activities. If you are one of the countless people who suffer from this mental disorder, most likely someone has already given you this tip. After all, during and after exercising, it is a fact that a feeling of well-being and duty fulfilling takes over our body for a few moments.

But what some people may not know is that doing moderate and strenuous physical exercise can treat even chronic cases of anxiety. That’s what a study carried out by the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and published in the January issue of the Journal of Affective Disorders indicates.

According to the researchers, half of the patients who participated in the study lived with anxiety for at least 10 years. And, by lottery, they were led to group exercise sessions, moderate (reaching up to 60% of maximum heart rate) or strenuous (with 75% of this rate), for 12 weeks. The result was a considerable drop in the intensity of the anxiety symptoms that the patients had.

“There was a significant trend in intensity of improvement – that is, the more intensely they exercised, the more their anxiety symptoms improved”, explains nutritionist Dr. Marcella Garcez, director and professor at the Brazilian Association of Nutrology (ABRAN).

“Exercising the body regularly also helps the brain. Exercise improves blood flow and stimulates chemical changes that improve mood and thinking. The release of endorphins generates euphoric and well-being reactions, which also help maintain mood.” adds Dr. Gabriel Novaes de Rezende Batistella, a neurologist and neuro-oncologist, member of the Society for Neuro-Oncology Latin America (SNOLA).

Finally, the study also points out that treatments for anxiety are diverse and, among other things, may include the use of medications with side effects. The new discovery therefore brings a new tool – free of bad consequences – to manage chronic anxiety and possibly other mental disorders.

“Regular physical activity reduces the risk of several common disorders, including neurological conditions, helping to treat it”, concludes geneticist Dr. Marcelo Sady, Post-Doctor in Genetics.

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