It rains in 94 municipalities in Ceará in the last 24 hours; see 10 biggest rainfall

THE Ceará registered rain in at least 94 municipalities in Ceará between 7 am on Saturday, 15th, and 7 am on Sunday, 16th. Data from Fundação Cearense de Meteorologia e Recursos Hídricos (Funceme), updated at 10:20 am today, show that the highest volume of precipitation was reported in hydroland, with 112 mm.

The municipality of Hidrolândia, in the northwestern mesoregion of Ceará, was also the only one to receive more than 100 mm of rain. Indepedência was the second city with the highest volume, with 81.3 mm. Then appear the records of Ibiapina (70 mm), Crateús (69.4 mm), Independência (66 mm), Orós (65 mm), Boa Viagem (52 ​​mm), Quixeramobim (47.4 mm) and Martinópole (42.4 m).

This morning’s rainfall is the result of the action of areas of instability due to local effects: relief, temperature and availability of humidity. Funceme also cites the operation, in the interior of the Northeast, of a High Level Cyclonic Vortex (VCAN). This contributes to “the intensification of rain-inducing systems”.

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For this Sunday, 16th, Funceme pointed out more favorable conditions for rains during the morning in the central-west portion of the state, mainly in the macro-regions of Sertão Central and Inhamuns and in Ibiapaba. Throughout the day, the forecast is for skies with few clouds on the coastal strip.

Rains in Fortaleza this Sunday, 16

In the capital of Ceará, the rain started to get more intense around 10 am. The record for the last 24 hours, at the Castelão gas station, was 13.8 mm. Until 11 am this Sunday, 16, the Municipal Transit and Citizenship Authority (AMC) had not been called for flooding.

In the capital of Ceará, the sky was partially cloudy throughout the morning, with occasional rains. During the afternoon and evening, Funceme’s forecast is for partly cloudy to clear skies.

Only two traffic lights are inoperative, but, according to AMC, the failures are not related to power fluctuations due to rain, but to theft of cabling. The traffic lights with problems are located at the intersections of Avenida Silas Munguba with Rua José Meneleu and with Rua Dr. Manoel Teófilo.

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