See 5 used cars worth up to R$30,000 worth buying

Today, whoever thinks about buy a car 0 km in Brazil you will have to spend an amount well above what was practiced a few years ago. The amounts start at around R$ 50,000, the amount charged for the cheapest car on the national vehicle market.

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The alternative for many people, especially those who are short on money, is to buy a used car. The used car sector offers more affordable prices when it comes to automobiles.

To help those who are in doubt about which model to choose, check out below a list of 5 used cars worth up to R$30,000.

5 used cars up to R$30,000 with great value for money

1. Chevrolet Celta

The model is known for having low maintenance costs and good performance in relation to fuel consumption. THE hatch discontinued in 2015, but it is still a success in the used car sector.

2. Fiat Palio

According to data from Fenabrave, the model was the second best seller in 2021 in the used and seminovos segment. In all, there were almost 40 thousand units sold last year. The recommendation is to opt for 2015 versions that have a 1.0 Fire engine.

3. Volkswagen Gol

If the Fiat Palio occupied the second best-selling position, the first place should not be for another car than the Volkswagen Gol. Just last year, the model sold more than 60,000 units in the used sector. Currently, the average price of the vehicle is R$ 30 thousand in the 2014 and 2015 versions.

4. Chevrolet Onix

One of the most sought after cars in the national market is the Chevrolet Onix. With prices of up to BRL 30,000, the buyer should calmly research and assess the vehicle’s condition before closing the deal. The most recommended versions are the oldest, from 2012.

5. Ford Fiesta

After being discontinued in the domestic market last year, after the automaker ended its manufacturing activities here, the model became one of the most sought after by those looking for a used vehicle. The year/model 2014 is found in the range of R$ 28 thousand.

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