Why TV Globo is not coming back

With the possible departure of Fátima Bernardes do Encontro, a supposed return of TV Globinho began to circulate on social networks. Fans of the extinct children’s show again asked for the return of the attraction that left the station’s programming in 2015. However, it is not part of the channel’s plans to return with production for a number of reasons.

Over the last few years, laws began to limit advertising to children and adolescents with the justification of child protection. The one that gained the most popularity in the media was resolution 163, of the National Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (Conanda), which prohibits any advertising that is directed at children.

In this way, it ended up being almost impossible to have children’s attractions with commercials. Globo filed TV Globinho and bet on children’s content in special formats. The only product that stays on the station for a long time is The Voice Kids, but the reality show covers an adult audience.

In commercial terms, Encontro and É de Casa end up delivering greater financial returns. Even because they can reach several brands from different segments, such as food, cleaning products, banks, among others. So much so that Fátima Bernardes has a millionaire salary because of the advertisements.

TV Globinho also did not give audience feedback. Record’s high investment in Hoje em Dia and the success of Bom Dia & Cia made the Globo children’s “throne” face difficulties at Ibope. Even in the last years of the program, the station came to occupy the third place many times.

To stop the success of the competitor’s electronic magazine and not share more public with SBT, Globo began to bet on more adult content and reduce the time of airing of the children’s attraction. In 2012, the production ended up being raffled off the daily schedule and disappeared from the schedule in 2015.

TV Globo and Globoplay?

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Another subject that reverberated on social networks was a possible return of TV Globinho on Globoplay. But there are also no plans for the company in relation to the matter. The platform will continue to give space to the contents of Gloob, its closed channel for children.

Drawings and series are available on Grupo Globo streaming, but individually. A possible return of attractions for children on the station could only occur if the legislation was changed. In 2019, there was a debate for this, but it did not advance in the National Congress.

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