Audience passes cloth to favorite character of Um Lugar ao Sol

week #10

– The Assumption sisters – just like the Cajazeiras and the Ferretos – never tire of delivering entertainment. When they are together, feel that there comes a review. Gossip is usually what drives them, followed by exchanges of barbs, ironies, accusations and slurry.

On her first day of internship, Barbara discovered the case of Tulio and Ruth. Léo Dias needs to hire her for the next editions of the BBB.

Barbara served Tulio’s head to Rebeca on a tray. In the fight with the husband, never the word “Hooker” was uttered with so many letters. As a matter of fact, for those who followed the case of Túlio and Ruth, Rebeca’s lack of temper was soul-washing.


However, it was to no avail. In her mind, losing Túlio would be a testament to her incompetence as a woman, who has already lost her career and youth. Sad that you think so.

Rebecca is the crystal of a place in the sun, the favorite character of many, and even so, as erratic and unstable as Bárbara, Nicole, Júlia, Joy, Nara, Noca, Stefany… In short, they are all human. But for Rebeca we passed cloth.

a place in the sun

Rebeca wants Túlio to replace her father in the company, because she is interested in money for her old age. For her, marriage is now an investment.

In fact, she is afraid of meeting the same fate as her mother, who was abandoned by her husband and ended her days with no memory of her own in a nursing home.


negative patterns

a place in the sun

– Another issue that Lícia Manzo raises very well in his novel is that the characters end up repeating negative patterns of which they are victims.


Rebeca went to watch Júlia’s show lying to be a disinterested fan, full of good intentions, to raise the morale of Felipe’s mother. He repeated what his father had done to him: on the sly, Santiago used his influence to get Rebeca to get work in an advertising campaign.

Upon discovering that Rebeca and Felipe were dating, Júlia argued with Felipe, went home and had a relapse. While drinking, his apartment caught fire.

As I stated in last week’s review, I find this whole plot very depressing.

babies are born

a place in the sun

– One of the most awaited moments of the last few weeks: Ilana’s babies are born. But a child is stillborn.


Breno reveals to the therapist that the baby’s death affects him in some way, as he feels guilty – irrationally – of his gay brother’s death, in the past, when his father threw him out of the house and denied him help when he suffered from aids.

I can already tell that neither Breno’s father nor sister – Domício and Lucília (Luiz Serra and Claudia Missura) – are “flowers that can be smelled”.

When his sister shows Breno an old family album, he wonders why his dead brother’s photos are missing. In the middle of the conversation, Lucília says that she prays every day for the soul of her dead brother and Breno gives a great answer: “No need, don’t waste your time. Pray for your soul.”

a place in the sun

– Cecilia is not just immature. She is a very deluded girl. When he catches his mother with Felipe in the car, kissing, he goes to get satisfaction with Rebeca, who insists on denying everything. Saddened, she looks for Breno, the older man on whom she projects a mixture of father figure and idealized romantic figure.

And blow him a kiss, at a time when Breno had just lost a daughter. From the gallery of problematic types of a place in the sun, Cecília and Breno stand out.


the worst character

– Joy gored Ravi with the tagger Damon (Juan Aguiar). In one of their scenes, they appear smoking a marijuana cigarette. Has it ever happened so explicitly in a soap opera? I do not remember. I know there was in Jellyfish (1980), but I never saw that scene, I don’t know if it was explicit or subliminal.


Joy leaves Ravi and her son to run away with Damon (“Too good a man like Ravi, sometimes he gets sick“). Joy is the worst character from A Place in the Sun (as I’ve written before), but she’s right about one thing: Ravi practically forced her to go through with her pregnancy, because she didn’t want that life.

In fact, Ravi himself is to blame: who told you to leave the window open!


a place in the sun

– Very well scripted the whole sequence where Lara finds out that Marri got her period for the first time. Lara explains the situation with all affection and care. At the end, Lara says that she will buy a present for Marri and she asks: “Could it be a toy?“.


– Remember the chapter in which a gypsy “saw” two children in Lara’s life, which she did not generate? I believe one is Marri… Maybe not! At that moment I stated that the other could be Chico, the son of Ravi and Joy. Bingo!

– Helena (Claudia Mauro), Nicole’s weight loss coach, has given her an ultimatum: she needs to get rid of relationships that interfere with her treatment. In the case of Paco, who indirectly induces her to leave her regime.

Now Nicole will have to make a choice: be thin and be single again, or have a stable but fat relationship with the man she loves.

– At the dinner between Santiago, Nicole, Paco and Mel, the girl asks what it is “rubble“. Santiago responds and, as they were talking about theater, he adds: “Like the Culture of Brazil, which bravely resists.

racist elite

a place in the sun

“Elenice’s rich aunt, in whom she took a sudden interest in recent weeks, has died. Actually a financial interest. In the conversation with the maid Penha (to whom the deceased left her inheritance) a show of racism: “You like a good shack. Normal, it’s in the blood. Every monkey on its branch“. Elenice ends up being denounced for racial slur.


In a conversation at the table with Bárbara and Renato, Elenice utters absurdities that would fill most of the Brazilian elite and many politicians:

Elenice:Nowadays, everything is a crime. It is the dictatorship of political correctness. It is funny! At the same time that they demand their rights, they come to talk about freedom of expression. See the maid. Nowadays she is the queen of black cocada… no, she cannot say that word!. What I mean is that they have more rights than career civil servants.

Barbarian, agreeing:I find this so excessive!“.

Renato: “Elenice, if you don’t want to be subpoenaed again when you go out on the street, don’t keep saying that sort of thing. Excuse me“, and gets up.

Elenice: “Wait my son, I just arrived!“.

Renato: “If you’re at a table with two racists and you’re still sitting, you’ve got a third racist.“.

Unhappy Elenice concludes: “I swear I didn’t raise this boy like this“.

Well, he didn’t really raise that boy.

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