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At the Monday, January 17th chapter, from In the Emperor’s Times, Zayla will ask to speak with her rival while she gets ready for her wedding. Guebo will know about the encounter and will run, desperate, fearing that she will tell Justina what happened between them.

“What do you want here, Zayla?”, interrupts Guebo.

But this time, Zayla won’t do anything, on the contrary…

“I came to bring a gift,” she says.

Guebo fears that Zayla will tell Justina about them — Photo: Globo

Zayla will then give Justina a cameo that Guebo’s mother Abena (Mary Scheila) gave him shortly before she died. Guebo will say he has an equal.

“The two together form one. I think it’s right for the other half to stay with Justina,” says Zayla, adding that she won’t stay for the ceremony.

“We three know why.”

Guebo and Justina get married. Will the marriage work? Don’t miss the next chapters of your 6 o’clock soap opera.

Guebo and Justina’s wedding moves In the Emperor’s Times — Photo: Globo

17 Jan


Tonico worries about taking care of Mercedes. Zayla presents Justina with Abena’s cameo. Justina and Guebo get married. There is a passage of time. Caxias and Samuel praise Bernardinho’s performance in the war. Lota and Lupita steal money from the church. Clemência and Vitória celebrate the success of the casino, and Quinzinho is suspicious. Leopoldina and Augusto visit the Quinta, and Isabel hides her discomfort with her sister’s family. Ana manages to get Pilar to move to a station closer to Caxias and Samuel’s team. Nicolau is admitted to the asylum where Dolores is staying. Pedro and Luisa meet.

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Remember another moment of truce between Zayla and Justina, when they managed to escape the slavers:

Justina says Guebo would be proud of Zayla

Justina says Guebo would be proud of Zayla

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