MEI contribution will rise in February

The monthly contribution made by the individual microentrepreneur (MEI), through the Simples Nacional Collection Document (DAS) will increase from February 2022.

With the increase in the minimum wage to R$ 1,212.00, the DAS value also undergoes an adjustment, since its calculation is calculated based on 5% of the minimum wage

In addition to the 5% of the minimum wage that is earmarked for Social Security, the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) or Tax on Services (ISS) or even both, depending on the activity carried out by MEI, are included in the DAS. However, the amount of taxes will remain the same: R$ 1.00 for ICMS and R$ 5.00 for ISS.

DAS value from February 2022

Check out the comparison of the amounts that were charged and those that will be from February 2022:

MEI activityMonthly value of DAS 2021Monthly amount of DAS from February 2022
trade and industryBRL 55.40BRL 61.60
servicesBRL 59.40BRL 65.60
Trade and ServicesBRL 60.40BRL 66.60

What benefits does the DAS payment bring to the micro-entrepreneur?

Those who are MEI and pay the DAS up to date have the following benefits:

  • maternity allowance;
  • Paid sick leave due to health problems;
  • Retirement due to age or disability;
  • CNPJ, enabling the opening of a bank account and access to credit with cheaper interest;
  • For the family: reclusion allowance and death pension.

I am MEI, how do I issue the DAS?

The installments are due on the 20th of each month. To access the DAS, the MEI must follow these steps:

  • access the page Individual Microentrepreneur DAS Generator Program (PGMEI);
  • Enter the number of the National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ) and click on the “continue” button;
  • Click on “Issue Payment Guide (DAS)”;
  • Inform the calendar year and click “ok”;
  • Select the month you want to pay;
  • Inform the payment date;
  • Click on “Determine/Generate DAS”
  • Check the numbering and expiration date;
  • Click on “Print/View PDF”.

What is MEI?

MEI means individual microentrepreneur and was established by the National Statute of Microenterprises and Small Businesses, by the Complementary Law 128/2008, with the aim of regularizing the situation of informal and self-employed professionals.

How can I formalize myself as MEI?

The entrepreneur who is interested in formalizing himself as MEI must see if his occupation fits. If you qualify, you can apply through the site and right there generate the first DAS.

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