Tadeu Schmidt, new presenter of BBB22, tells about his ‘first times’ | BBB22

There’s a first time for everything in this life, right? And with the new presenter of BBB22 it would be no different! THE #RedeBBB, Tadeu Schmidt answered some questions and revealed how some of his “first times” were.

Tadeu Schmidt visited the home of BBB22 this Saturday, 1/15 — Photo: Globo/Sergio Zalis

Curious? So press play in the video and check out the commander’s responses to the next edition of the reality show!

“February 20, 2002, when Valentina Schmidt was born. My wife and I have the happiest day when she told me she was pregnant. It was even happier than the day of her birth because from that moment on, Valentina already existed. It was such a crazy day that I spent the whole day crying. Everyone I met, I cried and told.”

The first time it appeared on TV

“The first one I remember was when Oscar (Schmidt, basketball player and brother of the presenter) was champion of the Pan American Games in Indianapolis, in 1987. I was 13 years old, and the Globo team went to my house to interview my parents. , interview me.”

The first time he saw his wife

“The first time I saw my wife was at the Youth Meeting of the Church, in Brasília. I looked there and said “wow, she’s the cutest on the date”. But we only started dating five years later.”

Another first time for Tadeu Schmidt will be tomorrow, when the Big Brother Brazil 22. Now there is very little left for us to practice our sneak peek. 👀👀

‘BBB 22’ has general direction by Rodrigo Dourado, genre direction by Boninho and presentation by Tadeu Schmidt. The reality show is scheduled to premiere on January 17.

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