Vivi Fernandez is hospitalized after having pyelonephritis; see symptoms – 01/16/2022

Brazilian actress and model Vivi Fernandez was admitted to Hospital São Luiz, from Rede d’Or, in São Paulo (SP), to treat pyelonephritis, an inflammatory process in the kidneys.

Vivi revealed to Splash that she was admitted to the hospital last Thursday (13), with symptoms of shortness of breath, sweating, nausea and fever. “This affects people who stop peeing, don’t treat cystitis and don’t hydrate properly!” he said in a statement.

She says she is recovering and is still undergoing treatment: “I’m doing physical therapy to recover, because even my lungs were compromised”.

Pyelonephritis can be dangerous

The problem that affects the actress is a less common type of urinary tract infection. This is when the infection “goes up” to the upper urinary tract, passing through the ureter to the kidneys. The picture can be more dangerous, as there is a risk of bacteria falling into the bloodstream, causing fever and even a generalized infection.

The main bacteria that cause urinary tract infection are organisms that live in our body normally, in the intestinal tract, but when they change location – such as leaving the intestine and starting to inhabit the urinary tract – they can cause infection.

The main symptoms of pyelonephritis

  • Fever
  • Backache
  • general malaise

And the symptoms of common urinary tract infection:

  • Burning or pain when peeing
  • Pressure or pain in the lower abdomen (below the belly)
  • Wanting to pee all the time, but when going to the bathroom there is almost nothing to urinate Dark pee, with blood or a different odor
  • Tiredness or malaise

How is the treatment?

The infection is treated with antibiotics and pain relievers to relieve pain in the urinary tract. The patient should rest and drink plenty of fluids. Other less frequent causes of infection, such as viruses or fungi, may require specific therapies. It is recommended that, after the treatment, the end of the infection is confirmed by a new exam.

Here’s how to prevent urinary tract infections

  • Drink water often. The ideal amount varies for each person, so a simple tip is to observe if the urine is always clear. If it’s concentrated, it’s a sign that you need to drink more fluid.
  • Don’t wait for the urge to press
  • The bladder must be emptied at least every four hours; for those who are very busy or forget to go to the bathroom, the cell phone alarm can be useful.
  • Relax when you pee If there is a feeling that urine is left in your bladder, give it a try.
  • Pee right after sex. The stream of urine helps to “wash” the urinary tract
  • Avoid spending a lot of time in wet underwear and prefer pieces made with fabrics that absorb sweat, such as cotton
  • Use condoms and do routine exams to rule out the risk of STI (sexually transmitted infection). And after anal sex, change the condom if you go back to vaginal penetration
  • Change diapers and pads frequently This prevents exposing the urethra to bacteria
  • Teach girls to always do their intimate hygiene from front to back
  • Vaginal creams with estrogen may prevent the risk of urinary tract infections in women during menopause
  • Consider treating the prostate if it is the cause of recurrent infections.

* With information from a report published on 02/26/2019 and 04/04/2021.

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