What will become of PS Plus in 2022

THE PS Plus started the new year stronger than it ended in December. The selection of free games for January 2022 includes Deep Rock Galactic (PS5/PS4), Persona 5 Strikers (PS4) and Dirt 5 (PS5/PS4), and PS Plus subscribers are falling in love with Deep Rock Galactic. Its player base has expanded exponentially, a benefit of coming to the service.

Indeed, PS Plus is often a boon for many games, and a strong January bodes well for things to come. However, the question remains: what’s next for PS Plus? While it’s impossible to predict the future, there are some easy ways to manage expectations. One is the possible change of what’s to come for the subscription program. Let’s see what can happen in this year 2022.


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PS Plus games

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In terms of month after month, it looks like the PS Plus has “calmed down”. Around the launch of the PS5, there were major releases for the PS5 and a lot more added to the PS Plus service. Over time, he’s settled into his three games a month, and fans should expect that to dominate most of the year. Special circumstances may see additional games in a month or two, but it’s doubtful it’s any bigger than it was then.

Of course, quantity does not equal quality. The sheer value of PS Plus and the price of the games it distributes cannot be underestimated. Fans should expect to save a lot of money if they play PS Plus games. Now, what will they be, well, we must wait month to month. Sony will also continue to announce free games on the last Wednesday of the month prior to the first Tuesday of the release month.

Changing PS Plus Defaults

Ads, quality and quantity can remain consistent throughout the year, but there are key elements that are always subject to change. PS Plus has always followed a pattern, and those patterns often last for several months. This was true in 2020 and 2021, and will likely continue to be true in 2022. So, while it remains to be seen, the PS Plus Free Games for January 2022 may have set off a new standard: two PS5 games.

Both Deep Rock Galactic and Dirt 5 had PS5 versions released this month, which is the first time that two main games on the service have been PS5. More and more games are likely to be released on the PS5 this year, giving Sony enough ammo to continue this “two PS5 games on PS Plus” per month trend.

But that might also be unique as a month doesn’t mean a pattern, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see two PS5 games in February. Anyway, next month could change direction or confirm January. The big thing fans should look forward to month after month is variety, which has always been PS Plus’ strength. Offering different genres allows PS Plus to ensure there’s something for everyone, and if that’s the case, PS Plus subscribers will be happy.

The end of PS Now and the arrival of the Playstation Spartacus

The big change fans should look forward to this year, among perhaps another surprise or two, is the release of Spartacus. Allegedly, Sony is working on a competitor to Xbox Game Pass that joins PS Plus and PS Now, removing the tag from the last one. This is said to be divided into three tiers, each costing more than the last:

  • Level 1: The benefits of PS Plus and online multiplayer
  • Level 2: streaming via PS Now, plus Tier 1 benefits.
  • Level 3: access to classic games from the PS1, PS2 and PS3 generations, as well as extended demos, plus Tier 1 and Tier 2 benefits.

Backward compatibility would definitely be a big deal, but it remains to be seen whether the library is expansive enough to truly compete with Game Pass. However, each day the Spartacus seems more like a reality. A recent Sony patent related to backwards compatibility was found online, and just today, PS3 games started popping up on the PS5 store. This also suggests that Spartacus might be released earlier this year, but fans shouldn’t hold their breath.

For now this is speculation and only the next few months will tell. But the aforementioned odds are strong, as Sony’s dictated paths show this.

Via: Game Rant/Business Insider/Playstation

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