Xbox fans urge Microsoft to bring back classic Activision games

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard means the company will have access to a huge range of IP, and Xbox fans are already asking for several franchises from Activision’s history to be brought back in the future.

What we’re seeing requested more prominently now is blur. This was a beloved but underperforming Xbox 360 racing game from 2010 – think of it as a cross between Project Gotham Racing and Mario Kart.

Sadly, it looks like Blur won’t have a backwards-compatible release at this point, but there’s still hope that Microsoft might see fit to produce a sequel… although developer Bizarre Creations has been disbanded:

Since xbox just bought Activision maybe we will finally get from xboxone

Another one that seems to be getting some love at the moment is the guitar hero. Activision hasn’t produced a Guitar Hero game since Guitar Hero Live in 2015, and while that game wasn’t exactly a huge hit, there’s undoubtedly a lot of nostalgia for classic GH games like Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock.

To be honest, though, we think this is perhaps a little more unlikely. Microsoft would have to invest in new peripherals to make a new Guitar Hero happen, and based on the Rock Band 4 story, it probably wouldn’t be worth it.

With xbox buying Activision maybe we will finally get a new Guitar Hero from xboxone

As for the others? Make your choice. We’ve seen requests for series like True Crime, World of Warcraft on Xbox, DJ Hero, skylanders, Geometry Wars, Vigilante 8, Prototype, Pitfall, 007 Legends, and much more.

Ultimately, Microsoft might not be interested in bringing back some of the older properties in Activision’s (and Blizzard’s) portfolio, but thanks to Xbox Game Pass, they could risk a Blur sequel, for example. And, if there is any possible way to make more of these games backwards compatible, I would certainly be delighted.

Which classic Activision IP do you want to see brought back by Microsoft? Let us know below.

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