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Palmeiras played the last training game of the pre-season this Wednesday morning. With match uniforms, the cast was divided into two teams for the confrontation at the Football Academy with two 35-minute halves. After the 2-2 tie in normal time, the team with the white jersey won 4-3 on penalties.

Abel Ferreira has been doing several tests during the preparations for the debut in Paulistão, scheduled for Sunday, against Novorizontino, but the team that wore green this morning could be the base of the starting lineup for the start of the State.

Palmeiras players in a training game held at the Football Academy — Photo: Cesar Greco

The lineup was: Weverton; Gustavo Gómez, Luan and Piquerez; Mayke, Danilo, Zé Rafael and Gustavo Scarpa; Raphael Veiga, Rony and Dudu. They are the same players who played in the Libertadores final. As has been customary this preseason, Abel has scaled the teams in a 3-4-3 formation, with Piquerez playing in the left-back trio.

The white team started with: Marcelo Lomba; Kuscevic, Murilo and Jorge; Marcos Rocha, Gabriel Menino, Atuesta and Wesley; Breno Lopes, Deyverson and Gabriel Veron.



Breno opened the scoring in the first half and Deyverson made it 2-0 after an individual move by Gabriel Veron. Raphael Veiga, from a penalty, and Gustavo Scarpa, taking a free-kick under the barrier, evened the score.

Palmeiras players in a training game held at the Football Academy — Photo: Cesar Greco

Throughout the activity, the Portuguese coach took the opportunity to make tests. In the green team, Rafael Navarro came in for Mayke, moving Rony from the attack to the right wing, while Patrick de Paula replaced Zé Rafael, and Vinicius came in for Weverton in goal.

For the white team, Renan replaced Breno Lopes, making Jorge leave the defense trio and become a winger, with Wesley on the left wing and Veron on the right wing. Jailson also replaced Gabriel Menino.

On penalties, Jailson, Atuesta, Deyverson and Jorge scored for the winning team, while Raphael Veiga, Navarro and Patrick de Paula converted for the green team.

Palmeiras will have three more activities on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings, before traveling to Novo Horizonte (SP), where they will make their debut for Paulistão.

Palmeiras players in a training game held at the Football Academy — Photo: Cesar Greco

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