After intimate video leak, police ask Justice for protective measure for Natalia, from BBB22 | Minas Gerais

The Civil Police of Minas Gerais reported, this Wednesday (19), that it requested the Justice one protective measure for Natalia Deodato, participant of BBB22, which had an intimate video leaked on social networks. The suspect who released the images is a 39-year-old man.

According to the police, a procedure investigative were established for ascertaining the facts.

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This Tuesday (18), the family of the 22-year-old, who is a model and nail designer, went to the Specialized Police Station for Assistance to Women, in Belo Horizonte, to file a police report.

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Natalia entered the home of BBB22 last Monday — Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay

Sought by the report of g1 Minas, the Court of Justice of Minas Gerais (TJMG) reported that it did not locate the request for a protective measure in the court’s electronic systems, which may have been registered as a secret of justice.

See the full statement from the Civil Police:

“The Civil Police received the complaint yesterday (1/18) at the Specialized Police Station for Assistance to Women, in BH, and an investigative procedure was initiated to investigate the facts. The 39-year-old suspect is investigated for injury, but police work is still in progress to identify possible crimes committed in the context of domestic violence. The police authority, responsible for the investigation, requested a protective measure for the victim from the Judiciary”.

The Civil Police did not explain why the crime of injury was included at this time.

  • Minas Gerais chosen at BBB is a nail designer in BH and uses social media to talk about vitiligo
  • Model from Minas Gerais who is at BBB was once the muse of a samba school in Belo Horizonte

According to Law 13,718/18, in the event of “offering, exchanging, making available, transmitting, selling or exposing for sale, distributing, publishing or disseminating, by any means – including by means of mass communication or computer or telematics system – that contains a sex scene without the victim’s consent”, the penalty can range from one to five years’ imprisonment.

“The penalty is increased from 1/3 (one third) to 2/3 (two thirds) if the crime is committed by an agent who maintains or has maintained an intimate relationship of affection with the victim. or for the purpose of revenge or humiliation“, he says still.

Natália Deodato is a nail designer in BH — Photo: Social networks

On Tuesday night (18), the young woman’s mother, Daniela Rocha, started receiving the video and montages through WhatsApp.

“An individual made a group, put the video, montages and started to spread. I, as a mother, felt outraged to know that there are dirty people who don’t like to see the success of others. It’s very sad all this, other people spreading . It’s a collective evil”, told g1 Minas the young woman’s mother, Daniela Rocha, who received the images via WhatsApp.

According to Daniela, after the registration of the incident report, the family still intends to take other measures.

“Natália is already a winner for being there, a black woman with vitiligo. We are happy with her entry, it’s all very new for us. I appeal to people not to share the images, it’s a crime. only for Justice, there is a God who sees everything”, he said.

Suspect of releasing video had already threatened to publish images

As stated in the police record, the suspect who released the video had already threatened show the pictures for about two years. However, at the time, he did not, but would have played the video in the social networks after Natalia’s entry into BBB22.

In addition, according to the bulletin, other profiles on social networks offered to send the images if they received money via PIX.

The g1 report tried to contact the number that would be releasing the video, but he is “temporarily programmed not to receive calls”.

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Participant team speaks out on social media

As soon as it became aware of the facts, the team responsible for the participant’s social networks took a stand through Twitter. Look:

Natália’s team positioned itself on Twitter — Photo: Social Networks / Disclosure

“We tried to find out where the video came from and, together with the family, we have already taken the necessary measures. We took over Natália’s networks last Monday with a total of 25 people. We are following everything and ask that this video not be passed on” , said Frederico Freitas, who is part of the group.

Natália works in a beauty salon in Belo Horizonte with her mother. In the BBB22 presentation video, she said that she started working at the age of 8 making chocolates to sell and, since she was a child, dream in working on TV as actress or presenter.

At 15, she got married and divorced at 18. She is currently single and has crush on the rapper Shaman.

In addition to being a nail designer, the young woman works as a model and uses social media to talk about vitiligo, which she discovered at age 9. In 2020, she paraded in New Venda Academics at the 2020 Carnival in Belo Horizonte.

Minas Gerais who is at BBB was a muse at a samba school in BH — Photo: Social networks

Another BBB from Minas Gerais already had an intimate video leaked

It is not the first time that a mining participant has an intimate video leaked on social media. In 2012, model Renata Dávila also had images released. At the time, via Twitter, the young woman said that the case was already with lawyers.

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