Anti-vaccine singer dies after catching covid on purpose

Czech anti-vaccine singer Hana Horka, 57, died of complications from Covid-19 after she purposely contaminated herself to get a health passport that would give her a free pass.

In the Czech Republic, proof of vaccination or a recent infection is required to access cultural and sports facilities, as well as bars and restaurants.

singer dies of covid

Credit: Reproduction / Facebook / Hanka HorkáCzech singer dies of covid-19 after being infected on purpose

According to the family, she exposed herself to the virus when her vaccinated husband and son tested positive for Covid-19 before Christmas.

“She preferred to live normally with us and catch the disease so she wouldn’t have to be vaccinated. It’s sad that she wanted to believe in strangers more than her own family,” the son said in an interview with Czech public radio iRozhlas.

When she learned that she had also been contaminated, Hana celebrated on her social media.

“I am very happy because in this way I will be able to have a ‘free life’ like the others. Going to the movies, taking a vacation, going to the sauna, to the theater”, wrote the singer.

Several of his followers appeared to support his actions, with some expressing hope that they too were infected with the coronavirus.

However, just two days after publication, Horká died of complications related to the disease.

After the singer’s death, her son, Rek Horká, criticized the Czech anti-vaccination movement on social media, blaming it for what happened and claiming that they had “blood on their hands”.

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