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Eliezer became the target of jokes, not only from the participants, but from all over Brazil. There is only talk of the businessman’s remarkable laugh (the young man’s social media administrators even chose the piggy emoji to identify his fans on social media). But could this feature be dangerous to health? “It is not serious, however, there is a link with respiratory disorders such as: nocturnal snoring or sleep apnea, mouth breathing associated with difficulty in sports and above normal fatigue”, explains the otolaryngologist at Hospital Paulista, Arnaldo Braga Tamiso to Glamour.

According to the professional, laughter with air leaking through the throat can happen for several reasons: nasal obstruction due to a deviated septum or increase in spongy meat, sagging or malformations in the soft palate (where the person cannot close the communication of the passage of air between the throat and the nose).

Is the ‘pig laugh’ curable?

There is no reason for concern, but Arnaldo advises to be aware of the signs. “If the air leak is associated with breathing difficulties of any kind, nocturnal snoring or speech difficulties, you should seek an ENT for evaluation”, he reinforces.

According to Arnaldo, it is necessary to carry out specific tests to get to the cause of air recirculation and how it impacts the patient’s life. “If it is an anatomical problem (deviated septum, short palate) surgical procedures are indicated. Speech therapy in conjunction with exercises to strengthen the muscles also has excellent results”, he explains.

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