BBB22 fans accuse Naiara Azevedo of opportunism with Marília Mendonça

Naiara Azevedo was accused of opportunism by a portion of BBB22 fans. This Wednesday (19), the sister sang songs by Marília Mendonça (1995-2021) and commented on the partnership with the queen of suffering. However, viewers of Globo’s reality show saw these attitudes as a form of self-promotion for the confined.

“Naiara Azevedo only talks about Marília Mendonça, how boring”, Amanda Reda opined on Twitter. “Naiara Azevedo can’t go a second without talking about Marília, she’s going to take the opportunist f*ck”, cursed a user identified as Hemy. “There should be a law prohibiting Naiara Azevedo from singing Marília’s songs”, said another user identified as Lara.

The criticism came back to the fore this Wednesday afternoon, when Naiara, Jessilane Alves and Brunna Gonçalves sang excerpts from the song De Quem é a Culpa?, a song released by Marília in 2017.

During the meeting in the kitchen, Naiara commented again on the release of the song 50%, in partnership with Marília. “In the name of Jesus, if God allows, I will be inside and I will not follow the launch”, said the sister, who is not aware of the impasse on the subject.

Against Naiara’s plans, Marília’s family did not authorize the release of the song. In addition, João Gustavo, Marília’s brother, was outraged when he realized that the sister would use the reality show to promote the partnership. Because of the disagreement, the confined team withdrew from releasing the song.

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