BBB22: Natália’s team posts a sensitive video of a mother and admits the participant’s mistake in speaking about slavery; watch

The profile of Natália Deodato, from BBB22, spoke about the sister’s problematic speech about slavery and racism. In the early hours of Tuesday (18), the young woman caused controversy by saying, among other things, that blacks were enslaved because they were “efficient, strong and good [para aquilo]”. In an Instagram post, his team claimed that the mining company lacked knowledge of the subject.

The post features a video of Natália’s mother, telling about the girl’s childhood. The sister lost her father early and always worked to bring home money. “Natalia helped me a lot (…) Sometimes I don’t know who the mother is. She helped me a lot: ‘Mom, get up. Move from here, open a bigger salon’. I said: ‘Calm down, daughter. And she: ‘I’ll be able to help you’“, recalled the mother, getting emotional.

In the caption, the administrators admitted the model’s mistake. “Her speech represents her point of view, that is, of a woman who feels firsthand what it is like to live in a society with prejudice, but who still does not have enough knowledge about everything that this involves. Not everyone who has a place of speech is knowledgeable enough to talk about his place.“, noted the text.

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Naty is a woman who came from a simple background. He had to work from a very early age, still in childhood, to pursue his goals. As is the reality of many Brazilians. It’s certainly a huge challenge for her to be in the most watched house in Brazil without getting so much support. But she has a twinkle in her eye and a willingness to go through that experience.“, the statement continued.

Finally, those responsible for the sister’s account apologized on her behalf. “We understand the impact of what was said and today the apology comes from the Adms. We are sure that when she leaves she will reflect on her trajectory inside the house and learn from her mistakes“, they wrote.

The controversial phrase said by Natália emerged during a conversation between the brothers, on the first day, about racial issues. “I am black and I came as a slave, yes. Why? Because we were efficient. Why? Because we were strong. Why did we live as slaves? Because we were good. So, because maybe if they put a person there, they wouldn’t be able to”, began Natalia, in an excited tone. “When they say: ‘You’re black’, answer: ‘Yes, I am, I really am black!’”, fired the participant.

The statement left a certain atmosphere between the brothers, who looked at each other at the table, but did not respond. The speech, however, did not take long to reverberate on the web, with netizens criticizing the sister’s posture and rebutting the speech.

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