Celesc reinforces tips for saving electricity during a heat wave in SC

An intense and historic heat wave is recorded in southern Brazil. The phenomenon brings reflexes to Santa Catarina, where temperatures can remain close to 40ºC until next Saturday, 22, in regions such as the West and the Far West.

With this scenario and with the forecast that the summer will continue with very high temperatures, Celesc reinforces the importance of customers adopting measures for the conscious use of electricity, as it is in this summer period that the population intensifies the use of household appliances that fight the heat and of small appliances that facilitate the daily routine.

According to the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), if equipment such as air conditioning, refrigerator, fan and other appliances are used without moderation during the hottest season of the year, there may be an increase in consumer energy bills.

Using the air conditioner at the right temperature (23ºC) and opting for an economical model, keeping the refrigerator’s rubber seal in good condition and using the “stand by” mode of electronic equipment are some of the measures that can make a difference.

These and other guidelines are being shared by Celesc, since the beginning of December 2021, in its 2021/2022 Summer Campaign, whose slogan is “Save energy, share this idea”, which has been broadcast on the company’s official communication channels. during high season.

Check out Celesc’s energy saving tips

Air conditioner – In addition to regulating the appropriate temperature at 23ºC, which is comfortable and guarantees the proper functioning of the engine, give preference to Split and Inverter models with the Procel seal. They are more efficient and use less energy. When installing, choose the wall in the room that has the most shade. It will make the device “work” less to keep the environment at a pleasant temperature.

Fridge – To reduce the consumption of the appliance, adjust the thermostat according to the time of year, keep the rubber gasket in good condition, do not leave the door open for a long time, do not store hot food or dry clothes in the back. Another tip is to place the refrigerator away from equipment that are sources of heat, such as the stove and electric oven.

Fan – Fans can be good allies to placate the heat spending less than air conditioning. On the floor, ceiling or wall, they are a more affordable option to refresh environments. Note how much wind the model is capable of producing. The fan flow and the energy consumption rate are reported on the label. If two models consume the same amount of energy, choose the one with the highest amount of wind generated, because it will be able to ventilate more than the other.

Standby mode – The “stand by” mode – or standby mode – also consumes energy from the electronic device. Turning them off while they’re not being used makes a difference to the bill amount at the end of the month. A tip that can make a difference is to program the devices to turn off every two hours.

Consumer ranking – A tip to save is to know the energy consumption of each device. For example, a 1500 W air fryer turned on for 30 minutes is equivalent to the consumption of 25 6W LED lamps turned on for 4 hours.

Electric shower – A habit such as prolonged use of the electric shower leads to energy consumption in most homes and can represent an increase of 25% to 35% in the total value of the electricity bill. Use the device in summer mode and avoid taking long showers, because, in addition to saving light, it saves water. Also, turn off the shower faucet when not in use or while soaping up. If possible, opt for the solar water heating system for the hot shower.

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