CEO Who Fired 900 Over Zoom Returns After ‘Reflecting on Leadership’ | Economy

CEO who fired 900 for Zoom returns after

CEO who fired 900 over Zoom returns after ‘reflecting on leadership’

After being sacked for firing 900 people in a Zoom video call just before Christmas, CEO Vishal Garg is back at work. On Tuesday, in a letter sent to employees, the mortgage company’s board of directors said Garg is returning to his “full-time duties” as CEO.

The statement also says he was using the license to “reflect on his leadership, reconnect with the values ​​that make Better great, and work closely with an executive coach.” The board added that it has reviewed Better’s workplace culture and is implementing changes that will help build a stronger, fairer company that will better position it “for even greater success ahead.”

The letter further revealed that two of’s board members, Raj Date and Dinesh Chopra, have resigned from their positions. The company did not say why, but said “Raj and Dinesh have not resigned because of any sort of disagreement with Better.”

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In early December, during a webinar, Vishal Garg announced that was laying off about 9% of its workforce. “If you’re on this conference call, you’re part of the unlucky bunch that’s getting fired,” he reportedly said. Garg cited concerns about the company’s efficiency, performance and productivity as the reason behind the layoffs.

The CEO accused employees of “stealing” from Better and its customers for their unproductiveness.

A short time later, Vishal Garg apologized and said he “deeply regretted” the way he handled the layoffs. He said the layoffs were necessary, but acknowledged that the way he informed employees “has made a difficult situation worse.”

On the 11th of last month, the mortgage company decided to put him away.

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