Check out the 6 cheapest cars of 2022 (so far)

THE car market had a different impact in 2021. Due to the lack of electronic components in the manufacture of new cars, used ones started to have a significant increase in value. Since 2020, the increase has been noticed, mainly for logistical reasons and the pandemic ended up being a real weight in the interference. But have you ever stopped to think about how 2022 started in this market? Do you know which vehicles are more affordable this first month of the year?

To answer these questions, we went to the analysis and came to the conclusion that price is something very relative. If we compare with the values ​​of other vehicles two years ago, we will see that the cheap of today was the expensive of before. However, let’s analyze in relation to the last year of 2021. The vehicles considered cheaper range from R$ 50 thousand to almost R$ 70 thousand.

Renault Kwid Life

It is a subcompact that is recognized for being one of the most economical. It is observed that its list price is R$ 48,790.00, with a few more charges, it reaches R$ 50 thousand. It’s a car that doesn’t offer much comfort, but it’s easy to drive. It has a 70/66 hp engine with a three-cylinder engine.

It is also worth noting that the entry version does not have air conditioning and no steering assistance. The other accessories such as air conditioning, Bluetooth sound, electric windows and others, can generate almost R$ 12 thousand more in the value of the vehicle.

Fiat Mobi

Fiat has a very popular vehicle, which is the Fiat Mobi. It hits the market at R$59,190.00 in the Like version, which replaces Easy. This has been the car of the Italian automaker of the Stellantis group, the second cheapest in the national ranking so far.

The Fiat Mobi engine is 1.0 and with 8 valves and the standard items are air conditioning, one-touch function on the front windows, electric lock, on-board computer, among others.

Hyundai HB20

The Sense version of the Hyundai HB20 already hits the market at R$ 67,890, being a compact that has a nicer engine than the others already presented so far. The hatch is equipped with a 1.0 engine and 3 cylinders in line, has stability and good dynamics.

Volkswagen Gol

The 1.0 version with a 12-valve engine costs around R$ 69,700, but maintaining all its mechanical stability with this value within the input line. It’s called the basic goal of everything, but it’s an option for those who want to have a car with good durability.

Fiat Argo

Fiat returns to the list with its famous Argo version 1.0, with a value that faces Gol in terms of cost/benefit. The values ​​are practically the same, since the value of the Fiat Argo is in the range of R$ 69.9 thousand. The equipment present in the Fiat hatch, in fact, is the same as its competitor, but with a little more “glamour”.

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen is not far behind in the competition with its Polo. It comes out on the table for R$ 72,730.00, with a 1.0 engine and 12 valves. It also has more guarantee of comfort, stability and traction control, four airbags, power windows on all doors, air, electric steering, on-board computer, etc.

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