Corinthians Under-20 defender reveals Real Madrid as a dream and cites Gil as a fraud at the club

the defender Robert Renan, who participated in the 2022 edition of Copinha by Corinthians, was another one to be interviewed in the Filhos do Terrão, by Corinthians TV. At 18, the player already has a professional contract with the club and told about his trajectory, dreams and idols.

“I started playing when I was eight years old there in Brasilia. Someone saw me and liked it and then I came to Corinthians. Here the kids call me Choco, because of chocolate. The aunts in the kitchen would say ‘Oh Choco, oh Choco’ and then it caught on,” he began.

“Without explanation. My mother cried more than anything, my father was happy, several people texting me. My father already knew and my mother still didn’t know that I was going to Corinthians, when I said she started to cry, she started sending several messages”, recalled the boy.

In December, Robert had his contract with Corinthians extended for three years, becoming valid until December 31, 2024. The defender, who said he was inspired by two athletes known to the alvinegro fan, was a starter throughout 2021 with Diogo Siston and during the São Paulo Cup dispute.

marquinhos, because of his posture on the field and the way he plays. THE Gil also for the posture he has, he gives respect to opponents and the team”, he revealed.

Robert has spent time with the Brazilian Under-18 National Team, being called up for a training period in 2021 and also for the Revelations Cup, which was played in Mexico in November. The boy said that the experience was his greatest happiness at Corinthians.

“My first call-up to the national team. Wow, my whole city texting. When the call came out I didn’t believe it either, because we were in a bad phase in the U-20, then when the call came out, when I saw my name, I already started to cry. We were in Chapecó, we went to play against Chapecoense, then in the room when the call came out, the kids came to beat me, it was the greatest joy, it was the greatest happiness that I have at Corinthians. They gave me a lot of morale (in the national team) and I came back very confident to Corinthians. We also played a championship in Mexico, I stood out too”, he said.

When talking about himself, Robert did not stretch. He defined his characteristics as a defender and said he was calm off the field. For the future, he showed dreams with the Timão shirt, but he also thinks about going to Europe, since he doesn’t see himself doing anything other than playing football.

I have a good output, a good diagonal pass, João Victor style, which the crowd talks about, and also Raul, who I am very inspired by Raul. Most of them are lying down (about the time off the field), resting, using their cell phones, I don’t really like to go out. At Corinthians I dream of going up to the professional ranks and winning titles. In football I want to play for Real Madrid, in these teams in Europe“, finished.

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