Endrick scores great goal by bicycle, Palmeiras thrashes Oeste and advances to Copinha semifinals

It happened again and Endrick got his act together in Palmeiras’ 5-2 rout over Oeste, in the quarterfinals of Copinha, this Wednesday, in Barueri. The 15-year-old scored a great goal on a bicycle, just outside the area, and once again astonished the football world. Gabriel Silva, Giovani (twice) and Pedro Bicalho also left their marks. Now Alviverde awaits the winner of São Paulo and Cruzeiro to face in the semifinals.

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Endrick scores with a bicycle, gives a show and Verdão opens 4-0 in the first half

For those who saw the elastic score at the end of the first stage, they cannot believe that the first chance of the game was from the West. After four minutes, the Palmeiras defender failed and Kauã, on top of the line, without a goalkeeper, was unable to score. In the next move, after counterattack, Jhonatan finished with a trivela, goalkeeper Alê countered and Gabriel Silva pushed it into the goal to make it 1-0.

From then on, the Palmeiras massacre took place. In the eighth minute, Jhonatan made a move on the left and crossed, the defense from the West took it away badly and the ball left for Giovani to kick it into the goal and score the second goal.

At 13 minutes, the most spectacular move of the game, perhaps the most incredible of Copinha. After a hit and hit in the area of ​​the West, the ball was left high, looking lost, but Endrick, different that he is, armed his body to finish with a bicycle, from outside the area, to cover the goalkeeper Alê and score a goal, which made Giovani put his hand on his head in disbelief at what the boy had done.

Then, Giovani lost a goal without a goalkeeper, which happened again in another move of the match, when he received a precise pass from Endrick, dribbled the western archer, but when it was time to finish, he hit the post. Verdão’s fourth goal came in a table between Endrick and Gabriel Silva, who ended up suffering a penalty. In the charge, Pedro Bicalho converted to extend the advantage. The first half ended with ample dominance of alviverde in the match.

Alviverde drops production, lets Oeste arrive, but guarantees victory and vacancy

Relaxed after the break, Palmeiras returned inattentive and in the first minute, Oeste managed to cash in with Popó, taking advantage of a cross from the right. In the following minutes, Barueri’s team started to like the game more and scared Verdão, but at seven, the visiting team tried to calm the crowd when Gabriel Silva won the defense and rolled to Giovani, who took it from the goalkeeper and rolled to the bottom of the net making it 5 to 1.

In the 19th minute, Palmeiras almost reached the sixth, when Gabriel Silva advanced in speed, entered the area and hit hard, but the ball exploded on the crossbar and no one completed the rebound. After some exchanges, the Palmeiras defense was weakened, and the West took the opportunity to arrive again. In a hit and hit in the area, Mateus hit and Popô scored the second of the team.

With the result, Palmeiras guarantees a place in the semifinal of Copinha and awaits the winner of São Paulo and Cruzeiro, who will face each other tonight, in São Caetano. The match should take place on Saturday, at a place and date to be defined by the FPF. Field command will be according to the best campaign.

Arena Barueri, in Barueri (SP)
Date-Time: 1/19/2022 – 19h
Referee: Pietro Dimitrof Stefanelli
Assistants: Robson Ferreira Oliveira and Raphael de Albuquerque Lima
Audience/Income: not disclosed
Yellow cards: (PAL) Rodrigo, Alan, Favorito and Origuela (OES)
red cards:
goals: Gabriel Silva (4’/Q1) (1-0), Giovani (9’/Q1) (2-0), Endrick (13’/Q2) (3-0), Pedro Bicalho (24’/Q1) (4 -0), Popó (1’/2ºT) (4-1), Giovani (7’/2ºT) (5-1), Popó (30’/2ºT) (5-2)

PALM TREES: Mateus; Gustavo Garcia, Naves (Ruan Santos, at half-time), Lucas Freitas (Pedro Lima, at 27’/2nd) and Vanderlan; Fabinho, Pedro Bicalho (Ian, at 22’/2nd) and Jhonatan; Giovani (Vitinho, at 32’/2ºT), Gabriel Silva (Kevin, at 27’/2ºT) and Endrick (João Pedro, at 22’/2ºT). Technician: Paulo Victor Gomes.

WEST: Alê; Origuela (Rodrigo, at half-time), Favorite (Riquelme, at 36’/2ºT), Alan and Luan (Fabão, at 25’/2ºT); Negueba and Diogo; Tite (Mineiro, at 42’/2ºT), Kauâ, Popó (Marcus, at 42’/2ºT) and Reifit (Mota, at halftime). Technician: Marcondes.

Palmeiras vs Oeste - Copinha

Palmeiras thrashed the West (Photo: Roberto Zacarias / @zacariasfoto)

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