Endrick’s father, ‘phenomenon’ of Palmeiras, reveals details of Flamengo’s interest and possible ‘fight’ for the jewel

Despite Flamengo’s interest, Douglas Ramos revealed that Endrick’s desire is to sign a professional contract with Palmeiras

endrick, phenomenon of the base of the palm trees, has been drawing the attention of the football world with his quality and maturity on the field at just 15 years old. One of the clubs that was interested in having the boy was Flamengo, according to the young man’s father, Douglas Ramos.

“Nothing directly from Flamengo reached me, from people from Flamengo. It came from people who have contact within Flamengo, that they would be interested in Endrick. Is that would be willing to pick a fight with the law, pay to have Endrick. And that if the family wanted a fight over that, Flamengo would be willing,” said the boy’s father to the Canal Verde Info this last Tuesday.

Palmeiras and Flamengo have been intensifying a national rivalry in recent times. The clubs even played in the final of the last CONMEBOL Libertadores, in Montevideo.

“I told the person that she could get in touch with the Flamengo people and end it. The future belongs to God, we wouldn’t close the doors because we don’t know tomorrow. But today it wouldn’t be worthy for my wife, my son, to turn their backs on Palmeiras and play Judas. Our intention is to stay at Palmeiras, sign a contract with Palmeiras. He wants to win titles, he wants to make history at the club”, assured Douglas.

The father also admitted that he is aware of the interest of European clubs, such as barcelona. However, there was no contact with him regarding concrete proposals, financially speaking.

Endrick is expected to sign a professional contract with Palmeiras in July, as soon as he turns 16. The athlete is competing cup and even joined the professional team training at the Football Academy.

The boy should play this Wednesday, against West, for the quarter-finals of Sao Paulo Junior Football Cup. The game will be played at 19:00 (Brasília time), at Arena Barueri.

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