Experts see PS Plus ‘strengthened’ as Sony’s future

Microsoft acquired Activision, and the industry is now turning its eyes to a possible “backlash” from Sony. The shares of the owner of the PlayStation have fallen on the Japanese stock exchange, and several portals around the world are demanding an attitude from the Japanese giant. Among the requests, a PS Plus boost is seen as ideal by many people.

Xbox consumers will have a much larger catalog of games and franchises like Overwatch and Call of Duty will appear on Game Pass. In the view of the Game Informer portal, the Spartacus project and other content with the Japanese giant’s seal could compete with Microsoft’s service if there was a greater delivery of PlayStation exclusives.

Spartacus, the New PS Plus and Game Pass Symbol

Sony’s library, in addition to recent exclusives, has several classics from PS1, PS2, PS3 and from the PSP and PS Vita handheld consoles. Giving consumers an option to play God of War, Twisted Metal and the Final Fantasy franchise on a single service would be tempting, in the site’s view.

In addition to the vast variety of titles, the options do not necessarily have to be geared towards the gaming universe. PS Plus would be stronger with content from other fronts of the company’s entertainment, such as movies, anime – Crunchyroll has already been speculated – and music, all as part of a single subscription.

Cover image of the article about the possibility of Crunchyroll on PS Plus with the logos of the services highlighted

As an example, the published article still cites the release of Spider-Man: No Return Home as an example, as a possible attraction included in PS Plus. The big obstacle would be the number of partnerships to bring more games to consumers – where Game Pass would already be ahead.

The current PS Plus Collection library and titles present in PS Now were also on the agenda. Overall, an upgrade putting all of this into one “super service” would be more satisfying to subscribers.

In addition to strengthening the PS Plus, Sony should make acquisitions, say websites

Microsoft’s actions prompted PlayStation consumers to believe in the need for a response. The PS Plus strengthening mentioned above would be one of the options, but acquisitions of studios such as Square Enix, Capcom, Konami and FromSoftware were presented as a “reaction” to the acquisition of Activision. Understand!

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