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The negotiations between Grêmio and Ferreira reached the desired outcome this Wednesday. The striker signed the extension of the contract for another season. The bond, which ran until 2023, is now valid until 2024.

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The new contract even allows Ferreira to receive a salary increase and, consequently, the termination fine will also be higher. The numbers are kept confidential by Tricolor.

The permanence of shirt 11 is celebrated in the offices of the Presidente Luiz Carvalho Training Center. The striker is seen as fundamental to Grêmio’s mission to leave Serie B this season.

Ferreira in pre-season training for Grêmio — Photo: Lucas Uebel / Grêmio FBPA

The debate between management and businessman Pablo Bueno had been going on for some time. Last year, in August, Ferreira had advanced talks to leave Grêmio and head to the United States, to play for Atlanta United.

At the time, the tricolor dome managed to convince the striker to follow the Arena to help the team escape relegation. Despite continuing as an important part of the team, Ferreira did not stop the fall.

The forward scored 14 goals in the 2021 season and contributed 13 assists. At the age of 24, he played in 97 matches with the tricolor shirt, with 19 goals and 17 passes to teammates to swing the net.

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